DangerousDongs reviewDangerousDongs review

DangerousDongs review

Site Overview

If you are looking for a site that has a wild and sexy idea behind it then this is the perfect porn site for you to be at, that is for sure. If you would like to have some ladies who look rather wild and exotic having fun with guys that were out there hunting for them then this is the right porn site for you to become a member of.

Although Reality Kings did not seem to put so much thought on this porn site it can still be an interesting option for those who love sex and different stories on their porn sites. You will be able to have some fun, however there is still a lot to come for this site to become a sole source of porn entertainment that is truly worth its price.

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Design and features

Yes, this site is interesting indeed, however there should be a few more things to give some extra appeal to it. The site looks rather sexy and wild to some extent, however when you start truly searching through it you will notice that there could be a lot of more things on it, that is for sure.

You will have the opportunity to spend some time together with guys and their wild girls. You will notice that there are no models on this porn site as the girls seem to be pretty common and sexy. They do not like as if they were from North America, most of the times. They are rather exotic, that is the best way to describe the girls.

Girls and videos

This porn site is dedicated to those guys who would love to feel as if they were hunting their next fucks out there in the wild. As soon as you have access to the site you will feel as if you were in a forest looking for your next prey. Although the idea is rather interesting there is a lot that the Reality Kings porn community could make better, especially when it comes to this porn site. The site does not have a lot to offer, or perhaps just its design and looks say so.

The videos seem to be interesting, but the site is rather missing a few things. You will not get all of those interesting descriptions or more information than the name of the ladies, the length of the video and some other details regarding the shooting. It feels as if the porn site was done in a rush, so it could be released on the web and give Reality Kings even more money. They should definitely pay some extra attention to this diamond in the rough.


Dangerous Dongs is another Reality Kings porn site that is based on guys that have adventures and find girls on the way. These ladies are hungry for cock and that is exactly what they get. This site does not have a lot to offer, even though it is brought to us by worldwide famous Reality Kings. It is possible to have fun, of course, however it seems rather empty, kind of meaningless, perhaps because of the fact that the site does not have many details and seems rather strange.

Well, you will get some forest patterns, as if the guys were hunting for the chicks and that is pretty much that. Perhaps this site needs some more thought to it in order to look even more interesting. Of course the site is of quality, in an overall view, however there is still much for the Reality Kings community to change and to make better. Us, users deserve to have the best out of the porn site, after all porn lovers are paying to get the best porn possible and not to have a crappy site.

The website is no longer online. Take a look at: ALL THINGS AMATEUR