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Good day to you, and welcome at the only not-pornographic page of our website! Here you can read about our goals, methods and our personality. We created this short introduction for you to know us better, and this way you can see why we are the ones you should trust when it comes to porn site reviews.

The adult entertaining industry is one of the biggest areas online, and with the Internet’s expansion to all parts of the world, it connects the people. On porn sites you can watch other countries’ hot girls, doing everything they can to make you horny and happy. And here we are, the folks who endeavor to gather every bit of intelligence about these sites.

Ever made a bad purchase? Been taken in by the promises of advertising to throw money at a product only to realize later that you have been taken for a ride, bamboozled, and left with an expensive steaming pile of crud. Of course you have, this happens to all of us eventually, and with the advent of the internet it seems to occur even more often, particularly when it comes to adult entertainment. Our team of dedicated professionals at Paidpornsites.net wants to ensure that you are not made a victim by fraudulent advertising for paid pornography on the web.

About our team

Here, on the paidpornsites.net you can find the best porn sites listed, and those who were worthy to be reviewed are all trusted, stable and established for the long run. We pay attention to all details and we go down to the core of each portal, just as we perform a background check on the companies. Those sites you’ve heard of, but they are not in our list are not advised to join, because you might find yourself robbed of your hard-earned money. Why should you spent part of your salary on sites that no longer update, doesn’t offer you high quality videos, or unrestricted access to the content?

Here is what we do: we make contact, get inside, and tear the place apart byte by byte. Our team consists of all types of people: ex-hand-laborers and intellectuals, a psychologist who makes sure we don’t turn into sex-crazed fools for working in this field. You can find among us guys who are just crazy about pixels and they are the ones who can tell if a scene is real-HD, or just some upgraded flick from an old DVD.

During the review process we try to reach the webmasters of the chosen site, or contact the company behind it. If we’re successful, we get a free pass to look around on the inside. If our request is denied, we know that the site hides something. Be aware of dishonest porn sites! They take your money and give you junk for it! But rest assured, if we state that a site is good, then it is good.

Our IT guys and research experts are measuring the online presence and reputation of the reviewed portal, so you don’t have to. This way we can make sure that you won’t register on a site that promises years of updates, while it just launched yesterday with videos of shady origin.

By spending untold hours of time perusing adult material (we know, it’s a rough life!) we have vetted the claims made by adult entertainment websites of all niches, fetishes and sizes. Ranging from the old and established sites to the newer upstart sites that frequently pop-up we at paidpornsites.net can help you make a wise decision about which adult site is best suited for both your interests and your wallet. With the wide variety of pornography available you definitely need a guide through this world, and we guarantee that we can prove to be of assistance.

The criteria we use to review porn websites

We always return to the reviewed sites, and since there are lots of them, we usually select one or two of our people to log in and take a look on the updates. Sometimes a site suddenly stops, and though it claims frequent and regular updates, months are passing without a new content… so, why should you spend hundreds of dollars on such sites? Every studio makes it evident that they made those videos, and if we encounter a scene without any info on the actors or the studio, we also suspect that it’s not original to the site and proceed forward carefully.

Maybe you are wondering why we are spending hours and days with porn site-inspection. The answer is because we enjoy porn, and we believe that it’s one of those few things that can bring some happiness into everyone lives. On lonely nights, after a break up or just out of boredom, people eventually turn to porn. And we make sure that they get the best products for their money. Since we are recognized reviewers we sustain a good relationship with the owners we like, and in exchange for our honesty – even if we highlight the issues – we get better offers than anyone else! You have to spend less money, while you also know that it’s well-spent.

Why is our review team the best? Because we’re the most knowledgeable? Sure. Because of our talented writers? Oh yes, definitely. How about our impartial reviews? Yep, that too. For all of these reasons and many, many more.  Our dedication to bringing you the best in a adult entertainment is unmatched anywhere on the internet. So settle in and browse through our ever-growing selection of reviews, and find the best match for you! After all, with this many choices available it would be a crime for you to add yet another dud purchase to your list. Don’t forget, bookmark us and return frequently for the best in pornographic reviews, anywhere!

So, that’s about it. For anything porn related you know where to find us!