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Savannah Fox

Savannah Fox is a famous porn star from New York, who was born on March 27, 1987. The girl weighs 51 kgs, and she is five ft. 3 inches tall. Savannah has two breast size, and her body measures 34B-28-40. Brown-eyed girl with red hair portrays extremely sexy combination along with her innocent face. In a nutshell, the beauty from New York is a nice to fuck chick. The girl opened her eyes in a Jewish family where religious matters were taken as a serious thing. However, the girl soon realized that such values are not enough to earn good money, and she wasn’t in favor of the lifestyle she was living previously. She had the different vision that was full of money and fame. She was a rebellious girl by nature which kept on pushing her to do something different from traditional values. Her pussy was always looking for a new adventure and experience. The girl likes piercings on her body; she likes tattoos, and she is bisexual that she openly says. Due to her such priorities in an early age, the girl was in the constant debate with people around her. Finally, she had to leave her home due to all such comments and Savannah decided to start a new life. Savannah was looking for a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle, but after leaving the home she realized that it was not that much easy. She kept on discussing her ambition with her friends and people around her. Savannah didn’t know that fate was following her footsteps. To start her career, she started to send her portfolios to different photographers as she was willing to become a model, but she got negative results due to the fact that such agencies were not interested in hiring a model with just over five ft. height. However, Savannah didn’t lose hope, and she decided to give a try to the porn world. She had a very good idea that her conservative family will turn away as soon as they know about her new profession. She did careful analysis and finally decided to jump into the world of porn to achieve the lifestyle that she always wanted. The girl sacrificed her family relations and other family traditions to glitter in the porn industry. She never told her parents or family about her new profession, but the girl caught up her dream to become famous and rich. The girl has created a large army of fans soon after entering the adult entertainment industry. She was quite lucky to get famous in such a short time that other can only wish for.

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Adult Entertainment Career

Savannah kicked off her career in the porn industry when she was 25. Although, a bit late but she got a good start. She initiated her career with mediocre roles, but soon she became the limelight of many producers and directors of porn. The girl started to get offers from famous porn studios, and she was quite happy to see all such fame and popularity. People like the slender body of Savannah, and especially when she works with her nice round shaped ass. Savannah has worked well in anal scenes, lesbian sex plays, interracial, BDSM, and solo scenes. She simply loves it when she is asked to play with different sex toys, and she really likes to insert these toys into her vaginal hole. According to Savannah, she is so proud of her sexy body that has given her the fame she wanted. People around the globe widely search porn videos of this beauty, and she is satisfied with the outcome. However, Savannah says that she hasn’t reached her goal yet, but she has to go a long way to achieving what she wants. In reality, her ambition has changed a little and now she is planning to become the top porn actress in the adult industry. According to the actress, she got what she wanted i.e. fame and money, and now it is the right time to set new goals.

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Final Words

Nice looking American pornstar with sexy skin and a radiant charming smile continues to conquer the hearts of fans of adult entertainment films with her delicious treats. She is used to inviting her new friends to experience the delight of her wonderful naked body. She loves to spend the entire night with her sex partner to make her lonely nights beautiful. Apart from her sex life, Savannah is a very good friend to be. She loves to go to beach and parties with her friends where they enjoy a lot. She lives the life in its true essence, and the girl is happy to be independent and free of all obligations. Savannah feels wonderful when she compares her past and present. She has achieved what she had aimed for so far, and the girl is ready to achieve new milestones in her life. She is thankful for the porn world that has brought her the fame and wealth that she aimed for. Savannah is also grateful to her colleagues and friends who were always there to support her during hard times. The girl loves her fans and is always excited to meet them and to interact with them through different social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.