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Jade Neil

Jade Neil – Introduction

Jade Neil is an American porn star who was born on October 15, 1992, in the state of Arizona, United States. She has quite a good height of 5 ft 4 inches, and she weighs around 52kgs. Her body measures 34D-26-34, which is quite an astonishing figure keeping in view her age. She has worked in a lot of porn movies, since the start of her career. The girl has proved to the world that she is talented and sexy enough to turn anyone crazy during sex. Although, she is in the industry since last one year, but it doesn’t matter for her. She acts in her movies just like any experienced female porn star having experience of many years. This is due to the fact that she is a vulgar girl from her early age, and she always loved getting nude. Her solo masturbation scenes are widely appreciated around the world because the sexy brunette from Arizona knows very well that how to play with pussy. Earlier, Jade used to look at men of her age, as her female sexuality and sexual hormones used to push her towards opposite gender. Locking herself in her room, she used to analyze her own body with interest and very quickly learned how to get real pleasure from the various games. At the age of fifteen years, future porn star lost virginity to her boyfriend who she knew from a very long time. She was always ready to indulge in pleasures at anytime, anywhere. Insatiable and passionate, Jade Neil was unstoppable after her first sexual experience.

Jade Neil - Bio

Adult Entertainment Career

Soon after completing her studies, the girl decided to earn some money and started her career as a stripper. In 2014, she was noticed by a porn company representative, and he realized that the girl has a charm for the porn industry. Jade didn’t take much time to sign the agreement and in this way she entered into the world of adult entertainment. She had a very good idea that her charming looks and hot sexy body are quite capable of attracting a large number of people, and exactly the same happened. She was warmly welcomed by the people in the porn industry and also the viewers appreciated movies with her participation. Apart from the sexual interaction with opposite sex, Jade discovered that playing with pussies of other girls is also an interesting game. Therefore, after her first sex scene, this beauty has performed quite well in a lot of roles. She is quite good in beautifully transforming herself in different roles: hungry wildcat in the cafe, after a guy with good sucking capabilities; sweet innocent girl in white stockings who craves gentle cunnilingus; stewardess confused by the road who is late for the flight. In a nutshell, she doesn’t miss any opportunity to engage in passionate sex. She performs in any role given to her in quite an easy manner because she has great slutty skills. because it is precisely what she likes a lot, and she does it in the best way. Due to her such mind-blowing performances in porn movies, Jade Neil has been able to collect thousands of enthusiastic comments. She is a girl who wants to show the world that she is always fully open to the world. And it is to this day she goes out in the best way because she has actively engaged herself in upcoming porn movies. Her fan following is increasing each day, and she just enjoys every moment spent in bed with a new dick who gives her excellent fun.

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Private Life of Jade Neil

For Jade Neil, sex is like breathing, it’s just natural for her, just like necessities of life like water and food. That’s why, while shooting, she does not feel any affection or something like that because this passionate slut tries not to play and just be herself. Jade Neil, in her leisure time, loves to spend time with her family and friends. She goes on long drives with her friends, and they enjoy a lot. She also loves to go to nightclubs to spend quality nights, and she ends up picking a guy at the bar and having sex with him. She has a very nice pet that is a German shepherd and Jade loves to spend time with him. She believes that animals are truly sincere as compared to humans. Jade Neil likes to listen to good music of any kind, and she doesn’t believe in liking any particular genre of music. She thinks that the music that provides mental relaxation is a good one regardless of the fact that which genre is it. As far as her favorite sex position is concerned, the girl is simply mad about doggie style. She feels really comfortable when she is penetrated in that style since it gives her the purest feeling of sex. The girl also likes double penetration, and she likes it when her both holes are penetrated with solid hard cocks. The girl is quite capable of satisfying two or sometimes three men at a time, which indicates that she is a highly skilled slut. Jade Neil loves to interact with her fans through Twitter and Instagram, and she regularly updates her nude pictures for her fans.