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Eva Angelina

Eva Angelina

The hottest American slut in porn industry Eva Angelina was born in California, United States on March 14, 1985. She was just 20 years old, and she started her career in the porn business. To start with, she appeared as internet model and then turned towards porn movies. During 2007-08, the actress was recognized in a number of award ceremonies, including the biggest one i.e. AVN award for best actress. When she was modeling, she always knew she wanted more and she got it in the face of Adult Entertainment Industry.

Sometimes, when you look at someone, your mind gets refreshed, and Eva is among such beauties. Looking at Eva brings a sense of happiness to mind and dicks simultaneously. Her looks are so bright, expressive and seducing at the same time. She is an ideal package for porn lovers: breast with large halos and such inviting upturned nipples, sexy lips with pink shade, long shapely legs, firm rounded buttocks, and very pretty face.

Eva Angelina - Bio

Adult Entertainment Career

Her first porn movie was filmed in 2003. She received a lot of appreciation and positive remarks from porn viewers and her costars. She was not nervous at all – thanks to internet modeling that she was used to. However, it was a new experience for her to get fucked in front of the camera for the first time. She enjoyed it a lot and then never looked back. Eva Angelina very quickly got noticed by makers of porn after her first release and they offered her to work with them. She agreed without question and had since encouraged millions of fans with her sweet body and passionate sighs, producing beautiful videos. Till date, this girl is amusing the world with her incredible sex moves and by showing her hot sexy body.

Her creative sex skills and appealing body brings a deadly combination for viewers of porn that they cannot look away from their screens. Looking at her appealing body shape, it becomes clear that anyone would dream to be in bed with her to reach new levels of bliss.
First her movies were characterized by tough hardcore scenes showing deep penetration. Eva learned with the passage of time to perform in other genres like the lesbian, group sex, and another form of sex. She loves a lot when she is asked to play with her own pussy with a sex toy. She is equally gorgeous when she is playing in scenes of oral sex, showing excellent blowjob technique. The girl feels great pleasure from anal penetration and simply loves it when her little hole is opened up by a big thirsty dick. Recently, she acted well to amuse herself masturbating on camera, getting great satisfaction from showing her beautiful pussy.
Eva Angelina says that her first desire after joining the adult entertainment industry was to work only in the genre of lesbian sex and masturbation, but after the shooting she decided not to limit the possibilities and use all areas of sex in her work. Of course, the actress realized that she still has a lot to learn, and she needs some experience to be a popular and well-known female porn star. Nevertheless, she has the most important thing that is the desire and the irresistible love of sex. And the fact that she has her own flavor.
At current, Eva Angelina is working for the most well-known corporations that produce adult movies. It can surely be assumed that her future in the porn industry is very bright due to the fact that the girl enjoys her job rather just doing it for the sake of money. Eva admits it that her primary focus in this profession is to satisfy her sexual desires rather just making money like others. She came to the porn business to make way, but she says the most important thing that brought her here is the love of sex.

Eva Angelina - Video

Private Life

Eva Angelina knows it well that her videos are quite popular with the audience, judging by the number of views. She beauty loves to appear in male sex amongst all categories she performs, she likes guys with big cocks, she tries different poses and gets an orgasm several times during filming. The naked eye can see that the actress is ready to do everything to please her partner, and she is great in this art, despite her age.

Eva says that when in gratitude she gets a large portion of sperm on her face, in these moments, her eyes are shining with excitement and satisfaction. The actress says that she wants to comprehend all the secrets of sexual magic as soon as possible and show the audience what she can do. If she will continue to gain momentum in a similar manner, she will come out as one of the most popular actresses pretty quickly. Eva Angelina loves to show us her natural beauty and freshness of her hot and attractive body. According to Eva, she likes to be natural and portraying herself in an artificial way is something she can’t do.
In her leisure time, Eva loves to spend a good time with her friends. She loves to go out with them to beach and nightclubs. She loves to dance in the bars, and they enjoy a lot. Eva Angelina is an active porn star on Twitter, and she loves to share her personal experiences with her fans over there.