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Cali Carter

Cali Carter

Pretty American blonde girl Cali Carter (born 23 February 1990) has been performing since 2013. She was born in the pretty city of Sacramento, California, next to the famous Bay Area. She is one of that girl that have a thrilling and exciting mixture of genes, cultures, and contrasting themes. She is reported to be a composition of European origins, and as we know there are an immense amount of contrasts on that continent, some states and cultures mixed. People, who enjoy the funny cocktail of influences, typically produce the most interesting and fruitful outcomes, like the pretty blonde Cali Carter, a living proof of the excellence of the globalization and European integration.

Cali Carter - Bio


Chalk-road to Los Angeles

Even though her public image is well put and polished, unlike other girls in the industry, she is pretty open to any questions in interviews regarding her personal life, steps in the career and all the funny and juicy details accompanying the facts. That gives out a very good impression of her, and sincerity of her character. She goes about answering honestly and openly, without much of a hesitation or calculation. Her career steps were rather smooth and calculated. For her, who is representing the native cyber generation, entering into the adult movie industry is just the matter of googling around and exploring horizons. Excited and funny is how she describes her early chalk-road. She says she started by randomly going online. In her words: “…we went online and filled out an application-like thing”. Her biggest obstacle along the road was her own internal thought process to convince herself that this would be a job for her like any other, as she knew that some of her peers did put some special label on the industry and the people working there. However after gathering some facts, again online, about the industry and the workers there, the safety standards and practices, she felt confident enough and thought that she has enough reasoning to support her assumption that this would be a job like any other.

Coming out from the closet

She had another major discomfort about the industry, and that was the fact that her family was unaware of her decision to take up porn as a career. She gave the interview with her family under the false impression that she is visiting a friend. This again highlights her sincere and honest, easy-going approach to life. For her, the concerns are practical, and she has employed a wide range of means and tactical approaches to tackling them one by one as she proceeds towards her well-planned goal. She plans to write a letter to her family so that they could take their time to consider the issue carefully. However interesting is, that for her friends, she told them by sitting them down and talked about it over the wire or physically, yet for the family she plans to take more protective approach. Actually for a girl like she is, the process of breaking the news of her career choice to her family might be a bit like the process of coming out from the closet for some gays and bisexuals. For that matter, she has employed similar tools to tackle the issue, writing a letter is her plan. Someone might consider that this leaves the recipient alone wondering the matter, rather than have an occasion to discuss it as it happens. However, that might also be the reason a for her strategy.

Kinky lesbian

In the same interview she announced that she is inclined towards the girls, however shortly and without going into further details. However as sexy and horny girl she is she loves masturbation as much as she craves cock, she loves to masturbate daily for good, she must definitely know all the details of the womanly love and know all the tricks on how to get there. She says one of the reason she loves having sex with girls is she knows exactly what to do. She knows how someone should lick her warm pussy to arouse her and that’s why she does it the best to the other girls. Surely one can assume that she would be going naturally and good with the girly girls too, and take the guys and cocks more as part of the profession. That does not mean that she would not like the men, only that she might get deeper satisfaction sexually from the encounters with sexy girls. For that matter, her sexual performance seems to be similarly a bit kinky. That is the natural outcome of the sexual kinky mind like hers. Some girls are endowed with more sexual energy than others, some of them need just a regular session with the lovely man once a week, and others need to tie them up to the ropes, to hang from the ceiling, to be used by the dominating friends. Clearly she might see this kind of kinky dreams during her wet nights.

Cali Carter

Filmography and pots

Despite her age, and relatively short career so far, she has made a remarkable entrance as an actress in the adult industry. She has over 50 appearances to her credit in the movies and films produced by the world class studios and web brands. She goes about working for the wide range of genres, and nothing seems to be too kinky for her. She naturally can satisfy the needs of the adult industry. Porn fans are eager to see Rocco and Cali together in a steamy scene. So far her curriculum vitae doesn’t contain even a single title or appearance in the movies from Rocco Siffredi studio. That could be due to Rocco’s aims to retire, and as she is fairly newcomer, or maybe she already has the message waiting in her voicemail, who knows. As a pretty and lovely girl, she has already been nominated for four distinctive adult industry awards. This fact will surely contribute to the steady and successful development of her career in the adult industry, coupled with the fact that she loves her work.