Penthouse reviewPenthouse review

Penthouse review

Flawless Site with Modern Features

The team behind Penthouse realized the huge need of mobile friendly websites on the Internet, so they redesigned the site a while back in order to adapt it to the new world. Although it has a simple lay outs, it still keeps all the important features required for fast and easy navigation. Right on the top of the site, next to the Penthouse logo, you will find the social media buttons, which some users might find a bit useless, since not every man likes to have people know what sites he frequents. Another curious thing about the user interface of this site is the menu, which is placed under a huge sliding header that takes half of the screen space. On the up side, the site won’t annoy you with pop up ads or background sounds and it works fine on every browser and mobile devices.

A Thrilling Source of Adult Fun

Over the years, Penthouse managed to gather more than 3700 hardcore scenes, featuring famous porn stars from all over the world. The collection of HD porn movies is organized in categories based on the body type of the stars or on the kink of the videos, which will allow fast and exact advance search. Besides the crystal clear HD scenes, Penthouse also offers 3D porn, which is the next thing in the industry. Another great content feature is the Penthouse Pets section of the website, which will allow members to rate and choose the porn star of the month or of the year by checking out every picture or video that features a specific lady. Last year, the Penthouse Pets award went to Nicole Aniston, but you have the chance to change that this year. When you will become a member, you will be granted full access to the entire Pets archive, which has thousands of sexy pictures from 1973 till today.

Penthouse’s Sexy Ladies

There are more than 1500 porn stars in the Penthouse collection and all of them are purely sex goddesses. These girls have made millions of men happy with their bodies, so if you are not yet sure if you want to be part of the Penthouse community, just think about that. With so many porn stars, you will surely find the girl to keep you entertained for the night, so start looking for her right now!

Is The Penthouse Membership Expensive?

The answer is simple. No, not at all! Especially when you think about the great content you will have access to and about all those sexy porn stars who are ready to make you happy. Besides, you will also have access to three bonus sites, like Penthouse Forum for example, where you can read spicy stories and share your own with other members. So at less than $15 per month, an online subscription to penthouse seems like a good deal. The site also offers you the chance to check out the content as a free user, but only after signing up. The membership offers you total access to the porn collection, with no further charges applied. The payment methods are convenient and secure. The billing is discreet and any personal information about you is kept secret.


If you are having second thoughts regardless of whether you should join this adult community as a paying member, just stop. Besides the fact that the site works perfectly, it’s extremely user friendly and the content is formidable, you must think about the history of the brand. With so many years of experience, I’m sure that Penthouse knows how to take care of a man’s needs.

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