Maccy reviewMaccy review

Maccy review

Site Overview

The porn industry is indeed booming right now, and we are very happy with it because we are a part of this community. However, there are also a lot of people who take advantage of it. We are seeing an increase of porn sites that require premium membership returned with empty promises and sudden site shut down. This is the reason why we try as best we can to only review reputable porn sites that will surely satisfy porn fans like us. There are different ways to make sure that a porn site is not just out to scam you for your money. A lot of premium porn sites today are part of a bigger network. We are seeing less and less of standalone porn sites and that’s good news. It is easier for you to select a porn site because you won’t need to worry about its reputation any more as long as it belongs to a reputable and trustworthy network. One of the best ways to make sure that you are joining a good and reliable porn site though is taking a look at the website’s age.

Porn sites like these have already been tested by time and by the members and stars that have been a part of its web history. In this light, we are going to make a review of one of the oldest porn sites in existence that we have seen thus far. Because of its many years online, it has already established a solid and massive collection of almost seven hundred thousand photos and over seven thousand videos. As if the existing collection is still not enough, they also offer regular daily updates. We believe that you can even see a bunch of really classic videos here, as well as enjoy the newer videos they have. Be a part of porn history and consider signing up for membership over here at Maccy Bar. They just have two types of membership plans: a one-month plan and a three-month plan. And that’s it! You would already be able to stream and download all their videos already.

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Design and features

Speaking of downloads, we are very much impressed with the different download options that they offer. You can see from the porn site’s design that it is pretty classic, but the download options that they offer can top even the most modern and newest of porn sites. They allow different formats like Windows Media Player, mobile phone formats, and even Playstation Portable! Just imagine yourself on a long and boring bus ride, holding your PSP. People will just think that you’re playing but little do they know, you are already watching great Japanese porn! Now let us go back to the website design. As we have already mentioned, the layout and style look a bit dated. It will remind you of the very first websites that we have seen in the past. But we don’t think that the porn site is not updated. We think that the owners just chose to maintain its original vintage look deliberately to stay true to their age and theme.

Girls and videos

You know what’s funny? We just discovered something about older porn videos and the ones that we watch today. Here it is: there really isn’t much difference at all! We thought that we would see a significant change in the fetish, themes, and just the general way that we produce porn but we did not see that in the site as we compared their older videos with their new ones. The only thing that’s change, I think, is that the people today are more daring to try new things out, or to be public about it but as for the sex scenes in general? They are still the same. As for the girls, the beauty did not change as well.

In fact, we found the older videos have this special character that is difficult to point out what, but it’s there. It seems that they are more alluring, and almost like there’s a hidden mystery in them. It is really difficult to explain, but we are sure that you will get what we are saying once you are already there and have experienced the videos for yourselves. We also loved how they maintained the same style and aesthetic of their videos all through these years. That is not that easy as we have seen in different sites. Other sites have started with a bang, but had slowly deteriorated in time. Along the way these sites have lost their members and then, just died. This did not happen with Maccy as we can see. The quality of their photos and videos are still the same, if not improved. And their updates are still regular every single week. It must have taken a lot of hard work!


In the end, there is really not much question on the quality of service and content that you are going to get from Maccy Bar. Just that it survived being online ever since 1995 is already a testament on its own, of how high the quality of their content is, and the good way that they treat their members. Just think about it. If they did not really perform well from the start, for instance there were some issues with their videos and in the customer satisfaction of their viewers, would they have survived that long? Somewhere along the way their porn site would have shut down already, right? Other porn sites, Asian ones or not, have come and go but Maccy is still here, running strong.

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