LilyCarter reviewLilyCarter review

LilyCarter review

Site Overview

I’m always hooked up by the beauty and the passion of Lily Carter whenever I see her jerking off or being fucked by someone. I’ve been into so many porn sites and I encountered lots of names in the industry but at the end of the day, my state of mind always comes back to one particular person and that is Lily Carter.

Ever since I bump up with her videos and photos, I never stop loving her. With her gorgeous body, cunning looks and awesome performances, a guy could not resist her charm. You probably saw her in several premium and complimentary porn sites. I’m pretty sure that you wanted to see more actions. But, somehow, the sites were actually limited and I understand that you are craving for more as much as I do. But, thanks to the PUB Network, our longing and thirst are over. The network presents the official site of LilyCarter.

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Design and features

Lily is indeed the bombshell and personally, I’m so excited that I will be the one who is going to assess her official site. Right at this moment, I’m trying to find fancy words in order to describe her beauty. But, obviously, not even words can describe her charisma. Entering her site gave me glamour of awe. The homepage features her whole body wearing a red bitchy suit. Just staring at her beautiful face and hot body melts my heart. She’s staring at me and I really don’t know what to do. These are the things I’ve felt by just exploring the homepage. As I scroll down the page, it almost gave me a heart attack by just staring on perfection. Both the images and videos presented are great. You can simply determine the difference between the vids and the galleries even though that they are both presented in thumbnails.

The theme and the interface are simple, it is simple enough accommodating my stay and I can say that they’ve made a friendly atmosphere. At the top of the screen somewhere, the site provides a bit of her information. If you are a fan, then there is a big chance that you already know her birthday, her birth place and her awards from the AVN. But, did you already know the size of her boobs? That’s right the site also includes such a very relevant information about her. I won’t forgive myself if I don’t tell you guys that the site includes a simple video clip option where you can have a glimpse of her awesome performances. It has a very nice intro; I could say that the clip has a high production including the sound effects, visuals, and lightings. The teaser clip leaves me no choice so I pulled out my credit card out of my pocket.

The site promises that every video which you are about to see are highly exclusive. Honestly, I’ve got lists of collections and I’m not boasting by the way. But, all of the scenes I’ve watched on the site are the vids that I’ve never seen before. I’m actually planning to download them afterwards. The videos are in full HD and I can almost taste her juice when she spewed them at the camera’s lenses. There are lots of solos, blowjobs, and squirting. As for the videos, you might actually consider the figure could be the numbers since the site only offers more or less than 30 exclusive videos. But, if you are going to consider the quality and the exclusivity of the scenes which you are about to see, then consider yourself lucky.

The videos area available on streaming or download using Windows Media, Flash, and MP4. As for the photos, there are about 30-35 galleries that have 100 photos each. These photos can be downloaded to your computer or mobile devices using zip files.

Girls and videos

Lily Carter is an American porn star featured in so many award winning porn films such as the Naughty Americans. She has been recognized and nominated as one of the best models in the porn films by the AVN. With her gorgeous looks and stunning body, it is no longer a surprise that many porn fans follow her career and felt in love instantly. Aside from the AVN, she was also recognized by some of the most prestigious production in the porn films such as the XBIZ, and XCRO.

Not to mention that she received her award as the hottest chick by the LA ground Film previously. See her with her most sensual blowjob performance ever with a black guy having an enormous Jurassic cock. She will suck this huge chocolate brown meat from her lips down to her throat nice, smooth and easy. There is also a particular scene where you can see her stripping off and eventually masturbates just to pleasures you. Her performance in her own official site can be categorized from softcore, solo, up to hardcore actions. With her latest performances in full HD, the site is indeed irresistible.


She’s absolutely the bomb and I would even risk my own reputation if you don’t want to agree with my opinion. As for the site, I am grateful and thankful that the Network produce her very own official website. All in all, I can say that I will add this site on my bookmark and I’m looking forward prior to the site that they will update her latest videos and performances sooner. The numbers of the videos could be disappointing but wait until you see some of her great performances.

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