LexiDona reviewLexiDona review

LexiDona review

Site Overview

LexiDona is a pornstar porn site that features this beautiful brunette Caucasian Lexi dona and her appetite for sex. Her HD pornstar videos are to die for, where you can see her pleasing herself in all sorts of ways she can think of. Although she already looks extremely hot all alone, her boyfriend, Jason X, makes the scene a hundred times hotter in their pornstar xxx scenes.

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Design and features

LexiDona is in the business since 3 years. With that, you really can’t expect that a lot of people already knows this site. However, the site’s design and features are drawing a lot of attention from people who are just lurking around the site. The site has a free tour that will help you make up your mind. The free tour gives you a sneak peek of what you can get from the entire site. Naked body, hot sex and good quality videos? They all have it here. By merely looking at the website, you can already find some interesting stuffs that will make you sign up. Basically, it’s because of Lexi Dona’s gorgeous face that catches everyone’s interest. The signup process is also easy and simple. In just a few seconds, you will find yourself in the members’ area. The members’ area is just the same with the free tour but here, you can already find a lot of extra scenes and contents that are only meant for the members of the site.

At the homepage, you will notice a large header at the top of the page. The header shows a picture of Lexi Dona and her naked body. This perfect figure will make you excited to watch what she prepared for you in the contents section. Just sitting at the bottom of the header is the main menu, which gives you links to other areas of the site. Then, there’s also a welcome message that Lexi Dona prepared for her followers along with a quick link to her recent videos. You will see in the site that the videos are updated in a weekly basis. This is another plus points for a porn site because it means that the members will never run out of videos to watch. A weekly update is in fact a good way to keep users coming more often. One of the things that also caught my attention is the creative and fun video titles. The titles of the videos are very catchy that you won’t think twice if you’ll watch the video or not. However, there are some titles that does not give you an idea what the video is all about. You have to play it first to know what will happen in the video. It’s an exciting risk though. You surely won’t regret every bit of videos that the site has. All these array of videos can be found at the videos section of the page. On the uppermost part, you will see sorting options and an advanced search bar.

Clicking on a video will bring you to the Flash player, which allows you to stream your videos. These flash players are large screens of 1320×740. It also has some other options such as 320p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. The last one, 1080p, is the high definition video. The lowest resolution, 320p, is not that bad though and it still looked good on the large flash player screen. Aside from streaming, you can also find a download option at the bottom of the flash player where you can download the full movie or just a movie clip. There are also a lot of options when it comes to the size of the video but the file format is only limited to MP4. Videos can be downloaded in 1920×1080 with a bitrate of 8000kbps, 640×480 with a bitrate of 2500kbps and 320×240 with a bitrate of 800kbps. The videos can be up to 1.5Gb depending if they’re in high-resolution or not. There are some videos that come along with photo galleries while there are some that doesn’t have it. The photo galleries are also in great quality just like the videos. Here, you can find extremely hot poses.

The site is also compatible with mobile devices and they also have file formats for mobile devices. Overall, the site has a user-friendly design and very satisfying contents.

Girls and videos

Lexi Dona is a brunette porn star from Prague, Czech Republic. Her career in the porn industry started in 2014 and it has only been three years since she hit the spotlight. She’s five feet and three inches tall and weighs 45 kilograms. She’s wearing a 32B cup, which is already a lovely size for a natural pair of boobs. Lexi Dona has a tempting body that will make every man fantasize about her. Sadly, she already has a boyfriend, Jason X, whom she films together in some of her porn videos.

Their chemistry on cam is undeniable and their videos are one of the most viewed videos. Jason X definitely knows how make her girl cum. Aside from this power couple’s tandem, Lexi also engage in lesbian scenes and masturbation scenes. Her masturbation scenes involve some of her sex toys. Of all her scenes, the hardcore ones with her boyfriend too, are definitely the best. Lexi Dona has already gained recognitions and awards in Czech Republic and it won’t take long before she hits the US porn industry, which she’s more willing to do.


If you’re looking for a gorgeous lady who can perform really good in bed, you should get to know Lexi Dona. This hot model is far better than some other professional porn stars out there. She has the looks and the body of a total hottie. Her website is also neat and organized that’s a complete opposite from her dirty and kinky porn scenes. This site is a good find with lots of awesome surprises every week.

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