JordanJayXXX reviewJordanJayXXX review

JordanJayXXX review

Site Overview

Top shemale porn site that celebrates transsexuals and their utter gorgeousness in the world, JordanJayXXX is the tranny porn site for all the tgirl lovers of the world. Transsexual porn is a genre on its own right than can achieve erotica like no other and it involves two sexes but on one human being. That’s right; transsexuals are the epitome of sexual creativity as these hot shemales show off both sides of the spectrum with their female features and their hard dicks.

Nowhere else in the planet will you be able to find so many shemales in one porn site than in Frank’s T-Girl World and that my friends is at JordanJayXXX. This sexy shemale porn site provides hundreds of different models that are of different ethnicities in one large site and that proves to be something amazing. So if you want to take a tour around the world of transsexual porn then read on further to learn more.

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Design and features

The site at first glance is reminiscent of a travel guide as the topmost part of the page shows a map of the world and the many spots that this site has when it comes to their tranny models. The key places are Canada, United States, Brazil, United Kingdom and Thailand. The Philippines is included in this list, too so don’t fret your hardened cocks.
The page gives us a sneak peek of what it is you will expect to find in the site by showing their latest hot trannies right below the map. A short description of the sexy ladyboys follows a collage of photos and a date of when they’ve joined. Here you will get a glimpse of just how many transgirls there are waiting for you to watch them strut their stuff. A tour of the site is also provided which you can check by clicking on the tour start button or by choosing one of the key places on the map for free sample pictures and videos.

Choose any of these places and you will find a list of the girls in the same style as the front page where a short description is laid out below their photos. Clicking on the profile photos will lead you to the sample image of the girl. I suggest checking out each of them as they are huge in size and are high quality to boot.
The site also has quick testimonials of the members lined in every page. It can be found above or below which will give you a preview of how the site can be the porn site for you. These testimonials will give you a very vague idea of what you can expect of the site but are all very heartfelt and should give you more than enough reason to follow in their footsteps, too. Everything in the porn site is exclusive to the members may it be the photos or videos.

Every single one is of high quality in high definition for you to enjoy it to the fullest. The videos and photos are downloadable for your own safekeeping and you will find no problem whatsoever in trying to find the best model for you. Frank the photographer and owner of the site – boasts that the ladyboys in the site are the best in the world and you can pretty much see that the members of the site agree to this notion.

Girls and videos

Frank makes sure that you are in for the best transvestite porn that you will ever witness and he makes sure that every member is given nothing but the best. The site has all the different tgirls doing a variety of things in front of the camera that you are sure to enjoy. Take the time to know more about these lovely ladies by checking each one on the free photos and videos. You are sure to find a favorite among these vixens in a heartbeat.
Here are a few of my favorite tgirls that you need to check out and eventually have wet dreams about: Lily is a Thai cutiepie that would want to give the world a taste of what she has to offer. Her slim figure looks extremely hot as she jacks off and tries to cum while you watch.

It’s a must see! Next up is Biya Mello, the Brazilian temptress whose rocking body will get you to cum in no time. Her lovely ass coupled with her feminine good looks will leave you wanting to see more of her every day. Lastly, we have the American sweetheart Mandy whose adorable features could instantly make your heart melt. Watch her as she teases you with a peek into her glory hole and you will be reeling from just how horny you’ll end up feeling from watching her.


The videos on the site are proudly shot to be hardcore porn so you can get the best out of your fetishes with what the site has to offer. Everything is uncensored and will show off the trannies in their best form from top to bottom. The tranny fever that you get from checking out the site is something out of this world and you would want to see every single one of their lovely models.
Join JordanJayXXX today and be treated to hundreds of amazing contents that can’t be found anywhere else. Get a taste of all kinds of trannies from different parts of the world as Frank shows us that there is more to see around the globe.

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