Granddadz reviewGranddadz review

Granddadz review

Site Overview

When we think about our grandparents we surely don’t think they are capable of sex anymore. But get assured that some of them still have their powers to satisfy any woman, even those that are half their age or less. GrandDadz will make you fall ‘heels over head’ as they say. That is, once you see those grandads fucking you will get impressed or just horny if that is your kinky sex pleasure. For the connoisseurs of the genre, you will recognize this site as the former Beauty and the Senior site.

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Design and features

GrandDadz is superbly designed. I must make you notice the professionalism involved in making this site. There is truly a remarkable navigation, so easy and smooth thanks to the large bandwidth that you will have no troubles streaming or downloading even to your mobile device. The videos come in multiple formats and can be resized too. That is really convenient and the menu tab will help you orientate easily and going to the desired section of the site in a jiff.

This site is definitely worth your time and money as well. The videos come in regularly, once a week, and that will keep you occupied for some time together with the vast video archive that comes from the former site Beauty and the Senior. Their own videos number more than 72, but the collection is growing each week. The content is exclusive and you can’t find it anywhere else. The only down side I get from this site is that you have no sorting option for the streaming videos.

Girls and videos

The best part of the GrandDadz is surely their videos. They are all of the superb quality and can be watched in streaming on every device, tablet, PC or mobile phone and with ease thanks to the large bandwidth. The videos that are older come from the former site the Beauty and the Senior and here you can see 72 videos of an average length of 22 minutes in HD quality. Every movie comes with a set of photos that you can easily browse through, you can download these sets of photos in Zip files and there are around 60 photos in each gallery.

The action is remarkable for the old dudes and they all seem to immensely enjoy fresh chicks. If you are into older guys giving the best sexy time to the girls than you are in a candy shop of your desires for sure. You will enjoy immensely what these old guys have to offer in the sex department. They have experience on their side and girls seem to like what they do a lot. Keeping up with girls is not easy, but skill makes all the difference and all people involved seem to take the most out of their encounters.


Old guys’ vs fresh girls is not for everyone, but it is something to see and behold if you know what I mean. I think that skill and experience make for hasty and fast, so if you like this genre you will surely appreciate the sex-expertise and the passion. Go with GrandDadz and you will get your money’s worth for sure! I have enjoyed watching great hardcore scenes filmed in HD, great-looking and very fresh and sweet girls having fun with handsome and skillful granddads.

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