Dickdorm reviewDickdorm review

Dickdorm review

Dickdorm is a brand new site that was started in 2010 and its main niche is gay. It involves a group of college guys who have fun in their dorm and when the things get out of hand they end up into exotic gay adventure. This adventure is engineered by the daring nature that arises between the dorm mates. Dickdorm is one among few sites that you will get high quality gay content. This site features real live experience as some of the videos are submitted by gay college guys across america who lead their friends to act gay in the camera. This site has been receiving its content from real college students who can get some cash after they have dropped the videos, this is the major driving force behind this site. Here you will come across real videos that are in high definition. If you are gay or love this niche then this site is for you as you will witness straight college friends dared and end up in an exciting gay scenes. In dick-dorm you will find some few girls but they are not featured as they also get into a lesbian action.

Dickdorm tech?

The graphics of this site is very easy to navigate. Since it is a new site there is no much content so you will have all the updates layed out on the home page so it is very easy to follow new updates. This site also has got an advanced search engine therefore finding the content that you wanted to watch is very easy. There is a navigation bar on the top that will get you to the new updates easily. They also have a kind of social network outside the site where you can chat maybe you want to bring in your videos. For easy access every single episode in this site are named and given a brief description so you will read about it in prior before you choose which one is fit for you.

The videos in Dickdorm come in hd so you will enjoy high quality porn. Though, some of the videos that are updated by the individual college guys are a little shoddy, shaky and sometimes even blurred. The videos range between 30 and 40 minutes so you may luck enough time to go through the entire content.   As well the videos can be streamed online in different formats including flash format. There are over 42 episodes that you will watch. The videos are also downloadable and you can download them in different formats including mp4 and media player. The site has got a gallery with a video of high quality and they are of high resolution. You will browser over 400 photos. The photos are also downloadable and you can save then as zip files.

The guys in this site

At first the scenes may be very boring but when its up you will experience high quality porn content as you see the straight guys are teased and dared until they end up in the gay action. It is very good checking out if you are into gay. You will see the porn stars engage in over 42 videos.


At the dorms dick you will have to pay $4.95 for a two day trial and in case you have a good reason that you did not get satisfied with the site you will get money payback. The monthly price $17.95, a three months price is 49.95 and a six month price is $59.70.

This is a new site that was introduced in 2010. It can bring to you high quality gay content. The videos are of high quality and they can be streamed online in hd.

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