CoverMyFace reviewCoverMyFace review

CoverMyFace review

Site Overview

For the love of facials, it was important that people had a site that is dedicated to some of the sexiest girls that they could find getting fucked hard and having their faces splashed with as much semen as possible.
And in May of 2006, CoverMyFace was officially launched. And the good news is that they have done such a fine job making sure that they were bringing nothing but the very best for their member. And the fact that they have been doing this for a while just goes a long way in ensuring that you are satisfied.

There are also some of the hottest girls that you have ever seen getting their hands all dirty doing all sorts of naughty things. And the whole point of being that much naughty is to make sure that you are having a totally amazing time, which is why you are here. There are plenty of huge cocks oozing with soft, clear and slippery pre-cum in here just getting rubbed as they wait for their turn to penetrate your favorite girl right before spraying their faces with as much semen as possible. CoverMyFace also happens to have features to help you navigate around and they do include the following.

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Design and features

Simplicity happens to be the order of the day when it comes to CoverMyFace. And the fact that there are features in here that will make your stay in here even more convenient, I don’t see the reason why you need to forfeit using them.
There are links that lead to an astounding 42 bonus sites. And that said, you will never run out of erotic material to watch. Just one hot scene filled with the moans of a girl getting satisfied from every angle to the next and the action just doesn’t need to stop on any account.

There are also features that allow you to save your favorite videos so that finding them the next time that you log in wouldn’t be more of a hustle and so forth. There are plenty of personals as well as vidcaps galleries that will get you in a position where you just sit tight and have the time of your life altogether.
The fucking in here is amazing and realistic and even before you sign up and become a member, there is always a free trial for a while that allows you to experience everything good in here at the end of the day. Sign up to CoverMyFace today and enjoy.

Girls and videos

CoverMyFace is always about the hottest gangbanging online. And the girls in here are also great at fucking more than one guy. And that said, you will most certainly enjoy yourself to the fullest. But the most important thing for you to be doing would be to sit tight and pick out the ones that you love because as far as porn goes, everyone has his or her type.
Some of the girls that you can get the chance to choose from include Deena Daniels, Rihanna Samuel, Nychole, and Nataly, among many other sexy girls around. There is no such thing as holding back as far as these hot girls go. And for that matter, all that I can assure you is nothing but the very best erotic feeling ever.

In here, you will be able to see close up fucking shots, intense cock sucking skills and lots of freshly ejaculated cum sprayed all over the girls’ faces to their delight. As a matter of fact, they do love it when they have been satisfied after an intense anal or pussy fucking and then they get all of the semen loaded all over their faces. Some of these girls just would hesitate and would proceed to lick it all up as slowly and seductively as possible.

CoverMyFace has got about 13+ DVDs, which isn’t that big of a collection. But the quality is usually off the chains and the videos themselves have been shot in a very interesting manner, which will always be captivating as well as interesting to watch over and over again. And to also complement on the number, there are bonus sites as I have stated above which will most certainly work to your advantage altogether.

There is also the comment section just below the video where you can share your views or contribute to the comments of other viewers which just goes a long way in making the whole erotic experience amazing. The videos can be streamed or downloaded as well. And as such, get to pick out the kind of action that will get to work out in your favor at the end of the day.


CoverMyFace was created to bring all of the bukkake lovers around the world the kind of satisfaction that not so many sites dealing with facial could do. And that is why everything about this site is and will always be special.
Like I emphasized a while back, all of the videos are also hot and interestingly directed. And that way, you will not even have to worry about having a good view without getting bored. Then there is the fact about just sitting tight and letting the features help you out as you find that one scene or one model that will enchant you with having her tight pussy fucked by a number of huge dicks while she is blowing a few others from the front.

The features aside, there is also that important simple design which makes it a lot easier for you to navigate your way through. And as such, get to land all of your favorite videos within the shortest time possible, which is just too darn impressive.
CoverMyFace also happens to have links that lead to bonus sites. And it does go without saying that bonus sites usually translate to bonus erotic videos that are without a doubt, of the highest quality possible. And the later just makes the site somewhat worth your while at the end of the day. For that matter, I do recommend that you find the time to enjoy this site by making sure that you are signing up today.

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