AllGravure reviewAllGravure review

AllGravure review

Site Overview

A glamorous Japanese porn site, All Gravure features soft-core and hardcore HD Japanese porn in its collection. If you’re wondering where you can find sexy Japanese porn videos of Maria Ozawa, no doubt you can find it here in All Gravure. Moreover, you won’t only enjoy Ozawa’s body but she also tagged a couple of her Japanese friends in these sweet erotica.

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Design and features

All gravure has the most glamourous website design I’ve ever seen and this best describes the soft-core nature of the site. The homepage welcomes the guests with a page full of hot Japanese gravures that will surely send sparks in your eyes. There are videos and photos that you can browse in the homepage. By merely looking at this section of the site, you can already tell that there’s a pretty huge collection waiting for you here. The color scheme of the site is limited to three colors only. There’s black for the background, white for majority of the texts and pink to add some details and emphasis. The thumbnail consists of Japanese models in semi-naked outfit. There’s the length and title of the video. There are also some pictures that you can find after the video collection and they’re pretty much the same with the video thumbnails.

The girls are semi-naked while posing for the camera. Most of the girls are wearing skimpy outfits. Basically, these girls are teasing their audience. There are four buttons that you can find in the main menu section of the site, which is located in the uppermost portion of the page, right next to the site’s logo. There’s the home button, the videos button, the photos button and the models button. There is also the search bar next to the models button. I tried to search for contents with the keyword “models” and the site showed results with videos having a “models” tag. So far, it was a pleasant experience. The search tool was responding quickly and it is not difficult to use.

The videos section is where you can find the entire video collection of the site. Clicking on the “videos” button in the main menu, the site quickly loaded a page filled with erotic videos. You will find a heading, which says “Sexy Japanese Gravure Videos” and right next to it is the current total number of videos in the site. As of the writing, there are 6879 videos in the site. The length of the videos varies. There are 5 minutes videos, 10 minutes videos, 15 minutes videos and 30 minutes videos. There are also some videos which fall somewhere in between those timeframes. Just like what you can find in the homepage, the videos are shown as thumbnails at first with the title and the duration. Based on the titles, I noticed that there are scenes that are a continuation from an existing scene. As I browsed through the collection, I did not see any model completely naked.

Most of the models are wearing two pieces swimsuits. There are some models, who are not wearing anything on the top but they’re either covered with something like a pillow or the edge of a table. Due to the huge amount of videos, you might find it difficult to browse the collection easily. Thankfully, the site has a sorting option, which allows you to sort the videos according to date, rating, views and size. The site allows you to watch the video through its pink-themed flash player, which looked nice and sweet. It does not only look good but it is also equipped with some helpful features like the like button which allows you to like or dislike a video. There’s also the “add to favorites” button, which allows you to add the video to your favorites for easy tracking. There’s also the “download” button, which allows you to save the videos in MP4 format and either in 1920×1080 or 852×480. All the videos are available in full lengths and there is no download limit. At the bottom of the page, you will see some suggested or related videos.

The photos section of the site is where you can find 8407 photo sets, which feature your favorite Gravure idol in different erotic poses. In the page you can also find a heading, which says “Pictures of Gravure Idols” and the total number of photo sets in the collection displayed right next to it. You will find an array of soft-porn images as you browse through the photos section. Most of the girls are wearing costumes and they’re not entirely naked. There are some girls posing with their legs wide open but still with their underwear on. Each set contains 30 high quality images that can be downloaded in Zip files. To be exact the images are available in 1800px. There is a pagination and related pictures at the bottom of the page. There are also “like and dislike button” and ‘add to favorites” in each sets. Just like the videos, the photos can also be sorted by views, rating, date and size.

Girls and videos

The models in All Gravure are identified as “Gravure idols” which I think suits them perfectly. I mean, who wouldn’t idolize them when they are among the freshest face and the sexiest body in the industry? There are 339 models in the site. Just like a typical Japanese girl, these models look very charming and cute. They definitely rock in their cute costumes as if they’re just posing for a cosplay event. But by the time the camera rolls, you will see a different side that will surely drop your jaw.

Most of the girls have large breasts, which is one of the distinct feature of a Japanese porn star. You will not only see Maria Ozawa in the spotlight but you will also go crazy with other Japanese Gravure idols. Most of the scenes are into soft-porn though which leaves enough room for your imagination.


All Gravure is the next big thing in the soft porn niche. This Asian porn site is loaded with hot Japanese vixens that are so flirty that you just can’t keep your hands off your pants. This is a good site for those who love high quality soft-core porn and Japanese sluts.

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