YoungThroats reviewYoungThroats review

YoungThroats review

Site Overview

YoungThroats is about amateur or fresh gals who get drilled in the mouth, even to the point of them gagging. While it is common to see women perform blowjobs to provide pleasure for their partners in adult entertainment films, the deep throat niche is getting its fair share of fans these days. Who wouldn’t like to see cock sucking, deep down into the throat? For a man, being “blowjobbed” is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It is like you are in some kind of heaven. No wonder you can see the men so much pleasured in YoungThroats videos.

The models are very fresh and yet they are incredibly sexual. You can say that most of them are experts in handling a cock at their fresh age. What makes it so awesome is their capacity to welcome in their lovely mouths even the most gigantic of cocks. It is very challenging enough to blow a man with a big dick. But to be able to stretch open their mouths to accommodate an 8 to 9 inch schlong, and to stay that way for 10-15 minutes or until the dick pops out its cum, it is truly amazing. It is an art. Not everyone is built to do that – this is the unique quality of the models in YoungThroats. Some of the ladies in YoungThroats swallow the cream that happily expels from their man’s dick.

Other models spit out the “seeds” and enjoy it as a facial. You will also see in the films that their eyes water and form some tears. It comes with the gagging reflex once the tip of the dick touches the model’s throat. The site pride on its high definition videos. YoungThroats films are also very exclusive because only members of the site and its network can watch the movies in full length. YoungThroats is under the sleazy hands and minds of TeenCoreClub. This network features the fresh faces of the adult entertainment business as their models with the unique niche. Now if you are a member of YoungThroats, you will also enjoy 30 plus more sites of the TeenCoreClub network.

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Design and features

Navigating the site is easy as pie. Just point the cursor to a video or heading and click it. You will then be redirected to your choice. If you are not a member yet, you can click the MEMBERS tab or the GET ACCESS tab. In that way, you will be brought to the registration page and you can fill up the necessary details for your membership to begin. The videos in YoungThroats can be downloaded and there is no limit as to how many downloads a member can make.

If you view the films online, the streaming speed is excellent. There will be no buffering or loading problems while you watch YoungThroats movies. A full length movie is about 20 to 23 minutes. Frame by frame, the video is cut up into photos as well. So more or less, there are 100 to 150 photos for each film that members can individually check and save on their computer, laptop or mobile device. There is a Customer Support tab for any type of account and technical troubles for the members. You will be able to view all the Models and Episodes of YoungThroats if already registered. There is a 2-day membership, 30-day membership and 90-day membership.

Girls and videos

YoungThroats is all about cock sucking and deepthroating by sexy ladies that want to give immense pleasure to their men. The site has every type of girl that fits into your various sexual fantasies. The girls will blow your mind with their amazing cock sucking skills. YoungThroats is your ticket to gorgeous models that have firm tits and tight bodies and experts in blow jobs. If wild chicks with amazing deepthroating skills get you going, then YoungThroats gives you an opportunity to find a huge collection of deepthroat videos with the best looking models from the porn industry.

The videos are of high quality only that makes the overall viewing experience more pleasurable and you can feel that you are actually part of the action. You’ll also find some exciting videos where many chicks are playing with a single cock. These girls are hungry to take big dicks deep inside their mouths. These girls don’t waste time and all they want is to take these big cocks in their mouths until the guys cum hard in their mouths and of course, they love to swallow the warm cum. It’s a dream come true for any oral sex lover. You’ll be amazed to watch some rough deepthroat videos where a girl kneels down and start sucking the big cock, then girls are choking while trying to get the big shaft deep inside their mouths.

The site is not about generic porn niche and caters your sexual fantasies in deepthroating and some really wild blowjobs. So, if this is the kind of porn that excites you, YongThroats is the place to be. If you are a true fan of hardcore oral sex then you can’t ignore the collection of this site. The collection of videos and models is simply superb. You just need to take a look at the site and you’ll know what we are talking about!


YoungThroats is all about fetish for cock sucking to the highest level or what the porn world terms as deep throat. It is a very tricky sexual act and not everyone can do it with finesse. The models of YoungThroats are experienced in this craft and you might want to get to know them and see how they do it. The site is worthy of anyone’s membership and loyalty.

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