YaoiPlace reviewYaoiPlace review

YaoiPlace review

Site Overview

The YaoiPlace is the porn portal which can show you how the hentai looks like when it’s about boy’s love, instead of straight sex. When you land on the site, you will find yourself in front a neat collection, and at first glance the thumbnails are showing sexy and quite hot things. The expression ‘yaoi’ stands for this niche, so wherever you see this weird-looking word, you should get ready for some really heavy hardcore gay-porn performed by drawn (thus perfect) men. If you manage to go through the site’s content, and you are an active subscriber here, you gain access to the extra videos. In fact looking at the amount of content on this site, one would only expect it to provide bonuses, and the folks behind the YaoiPlace seem to think so too.

As a member, you gain access to all sites of the network the YaoiPlace is part of. There are 17 gay-themed porn sites which you can browse from the members’ area. There are sites that are no longer updating, but some really viral pages are also included. You can enjoy here a large number of bareback videos if that’s your thing, and there are some genuine home-made flicks too, so this collection can fulfill anyone’s needs. When you start exploring the inner section, you should also notice that there is a page where you can access hundreds of hardcore DVDs (stream-only) that cover some heavier niches, and they offer a really neat variety.

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Design and features

The YaoiPlace has a regular tour page: there are large thumbnails listed throughout the home page, and no matter what you do, you always land on the signup page. These pictures however are really good-looking, and they can help you depicting what kind of content you might expect inside Those who are familiar with the actual trends concerning the porn pages, will certainly find the members’ area familiar. A basic search engine is implemented, which recognizes mostly keywords. The search field is located on the upmost right corner. The upper area of the site features a menu, where you can reach the actual content: photos, videos, and there are links for the bonuses.

There is a more advanced menu on the left, where you can select not just the type of content, but you can take a look at the actually hot content (by ratings or number of views) and you can access the videos you watched earlier or added to your favorites’ list. It’s totally up to you to decide whether you are going to save the videos or watch them online. Since they are not too long, they don’t take away too much space, and they load pretty quickly. The major media, the photos can be viewed in the members’ area, but if you are not comfortable with that, you might save them in zip format.

Guys and videos

The ‘yaoi’ is a Japanese expression, it covers a genre of fictional media, which is the homosexual counterpart of the hentai. These videos here cover gay relationship, and they feature heavy sex too. Though this genre was meant for women in its earlier era, nowadays, the yaoi is all about hardcore gay sex, featuring all nasty elements of the hentai videos, while keeps some of the fundamental values of the original yaoi genre. Every guy in these videos and on these pictures is fictional, and they are made to fit the two usual type of participants of a gay relationship. There are the guys who are considered as the ‘seme’ – these lads are the dominating person in the relationship and during the intercourse. The seme are drawn to look older (usually over 30) and they have worked-out body and lots of experience; the seme are representing one of the basic type of gays. The other participants in a yaoi relationship are the ones they call ‘uke’. These boys are usually not as old as the seme they are with, and they doesn’t have so much experience. In many cases, the uke has his first gay experience with the seme, and it’s not uncommon that he has to withstand the siege of the other against his will. It’s easy to recognize, that the ukes are usually referring to the twinks of the real-life gay relationships.

There aren’t too many videos on the site, the major medium of the YaoiPlace can be found in the picture gallery. However, the videos are really exciting. They all tell a story, and there are some that are connected, so not just random flicks are available here. Since the content is not exclusive, you can enjoy here original Japanese yaoi-cartoon, so get ready to watch artistic, and quite nasty videos. As far as the covered niches are concerned, you can enjoy here almost all of the heavy ones: there are threesomes, and gay gangbangs, just as you might find scenes with fantasy-content (different creatures, insertions). The pictures are also quite sexy, and they are mostly actual photo-like drawings, not video captions. These photos contain heavily explicit material, and since there are more galleries than videos, you may want to explore them. You can see on them hot boys fucked by several guys, and there are also some really beautiful pictures, which feature romantic moments of these relationships.


The YaoiPlace would be a really hot site if there were updates coming regularly, because it has a unique niche, and as far as these videos are concerned they are in really good quality. Though their nature is somewhat mean, they are really exciting. At the actual state of the site, the bonuses are the most important things that could make you stick around for a while: there are bonus streams with more gay cartoon-porn, and hundreds of hardcore live-action DVDs and scenes from the network sites.

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