WoodManCastingX reviewWoodManCastingX review

WoodManCastingX review

Site Overview

Best HD casting porn, WoodManCastingX is definitely a must-see if you’re always looking for hot and lovely porn sweethearts. Pierre Woodman, the man behind this collection, is probably the best hunter of amateur models in the adult entertainment industry. He travels the world to find fresh-faced darlings who have a promising future in the world of porn.

Many of the big names in the industry such as Eve Angel, Anissa Kate, and Melisa Lauren started their careers with the help of Woodman. Aside from interesting interviews, you would love to see how aspiring models participate in hardcore sex just to get Woodman’s approval!

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Design and features

The official website is home to everything that Woodman has worked on for almost three decades. The numbers are on full display, an immediate proof that you are browsing one of the largest casting porn sites in the biz. Albeit massive, rest assured that you’ll conveniently find your way to your desired content –thanks to the excellent content organization and advanced browsing tools.

The first to greet your eyes are the videos of Woodman’s latest talents. The name of the models, their nationalities, and the length of the video is available below the thumbnails. When you right-click on the thumbnail, you’ll get to a page where there is a hot preview. Below the teaser, you will see the options that you can enjoy once you become a member.

With over 5,000 videos of amateur models, you won’t need to look for another porn site anymore. Even if you check one model a day, this collection will take you more than a decade to finish! And also, it’s worth mentioning that Woodman shows no sign of stopping. It’s clear that he has dedicated his life to this profession and he will keep on bringing new girls to the industry as long as he can.

Girls and videos

The casting videos often start with a formal interview. It usually takes place in a hotel room rented by Woodman. The aspiring models come in their best makeup and outfit, all wanting to get the man’s approval. But of course, Woodman wouldn’t take them just because they look hot and beautiful, they must have the skill and the talent to please porn viewers.

So, after the initial interview, the models have to show what they can do by stripping and fucking some of Woodman’s male talents. There are even times when the models get so wild that they request to be gangbanged. So much talent for a first-timer!


If you’re an avid fan of porn movies, it’s almost next to impossible that you are not familiar with Pierre Woodman. He is one of the greatest legends among pornographers. His hunt for porn models started back in the 90s and many award-winning xxx performers of today owe their successful careers to him. Woodman has many long-running xxx productions and WoodmanCastingX is no doubt one of the best.

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