Wasteland reviewWasteland review

Wasteland review

Site Overview

Awesome BDSM porn site, Wasteland can make you feel the real pleasure of BDSM. This site presents real scenes, real orgasms and awesomely real BDSM. Indeed, with the number of their contents and the popularity of their site, they must really be the largest BDSM fetish of all time.

They have open the world of “Darker Side of Desire” way back 1995 and they never stop on creating BDSM contents until now and they are still active as ever before. Before entering this site be ready because you will surely release orgasm not just once.

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Design and features

As you enter Wasteland, you will clearly see why their site has been known as the “darker side of desire”.The site is designed in a sophisticated way, there are menus from the homepage that will help you explore all throughout the site, which include such options like Home, Original Movies, Curated BDSM Movie Collection, Image Collection, JapaneseBondage, Shibari Movies, Streaming Interactive Videos, Wasteland 3D; Virtual World, BDSM Cartoons; Illustrations, Kinky Fiction Library, How-To BDSM Guides; Articles, Press; Media, all of it for every visitor’s convenience.

Wasteland also provides instructional videos to guide you to the contents you have been searching for. Site’s interface is also available on mobile and you won’t really miss anything because after logging in, you will just be redirected to the regular desktop view.

As for the contents you can dive into their 1500+ videos and the latest of it are available for download or streaming in Full HD. Photo collections are now over 2 millions and above. With the number of their contents, there will be no reason for any BDSM not to become a member of this dark community. However, aside from quality contents, there are still a lot of extras you can get once you did become one of them.

One of these extras includes their state of the art virtual game and you can only imagine how awesome it is to create your own avatar and enter chat rooms to communicate with other BDSM enthusiasts like you. As for the other extras, that will be for you to discover.

Girls and videos

Wasteland is definitely a must-visit site. From their awesomely made website, up to their contents, you will surely not also be disappointed with their set of sluts. Expect that these sluts love to have some fun with gags, whips, rope, chains and every BDSM instrument you never even have thought of. You will never get enough with the contents as they come into different categories including live cams, BDSM and kinky fiction, classic Japanese and Shibari, highly-interactive virtual 3D, BDSM cartoons and you can even have a guide through BDSM.


If you are all about BDSM and you are looking for the site the will satisfy your hunger either for submission or for pure dominance, Wasteland is all ready to serve you. Their several years in the business have made them a main contender in the BDSM industry so you should be definitely prepared with their great pool of contents.

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