VelvetEcstasy reviewVelvetEcstasy review

VelvetEcstasy review

Site Overview

Adult movies that feature real amateur couple’s fucking are more enticing than any other relished porn action would be. There is something erotic about watching two people who love each other boning each other to cloud nine and back. There is no need to put their own skills to the test because they will clearly have you at hello. VelvetEcstasy is a site that brings you this and much more. The combination of lust and creativity is smoothing that you cannot be able to surpass ad this adult site will show you why. The sexual encounters do not have to be over the top, they simply have to be captivating enough to capture your attention. VelvetEcstasy is a site that will enable you to make a smooth transition between the fantasy world and reality at a pace that you would appreciate.

This is one of the adult sites that presents itself as an open contain. You are free to take a peek at what you desire. There aren’t any adjectives befitting enough to describe the satisfaction that you will get from this platform. The sexual experiences are stimulating as well as sensual. They are also provocative, charming and hardcore. It does not matter what you prefer on your porn screen, you will always see something to capture your attention here. Forget about missionary style, the action here will show you what rim jobs, shaving, fellatios and much more between coulees. Although the models and their boyfriends or husbands are amateurs, they throw any reservation out the window immediately the cameras start rolling. They are truly fucking their faces off! The content on the site is massive as well as exclusive.

In every scene, you will get to enjoy the uniqueness that often lacks in mainstream porn and this adds a layer of excitement to the films on VelvetEcstasy. Even action like ‘cunnilingus’ is not out of the equation as far as this site is concerned. With it also comes anal and other types of sexual experiences. For an amateur site, VelvetEcstasy will knock you off your feet with its presentation of videos that are in Full HD. No matter how many new flicks are uploaded, the consistency does not get to change.

There is no download limit to the amount of content that you can get to enjoy in a single day. If you have been after a site that will always surprise you in a delightful way, this one is perfect for you. Where they may have been something lacking when you watched professional porn stars getting laid, this site will compensate for that.

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Design and features

The site is organized into scenes that are all presented as a storyline. Each of the scenes has been tagged by an image from the gallery. This comes in the form of a thumbnail. Also, the scenes are accompanied by a title, a few paragraphs explaining what is going on and the name of the models who are between a viewing capability of 640×480 HD or 320×240 low-quality videos. Regardless of what you opt to go for all of the videos are 20 minutes in length.

They can be downloaded into a full movie or short segments, also depending on your preferences. The photo sets have around 50 photos each, giving you more than enough eye candy to enjoy. They have all been taken by real amateurs and therefore, they will all differ in quality. Instead of going through them individually, they are presented in a slideshow and can be downloaded as zip files.

Girls and videos

The amateur’s models on VelvetEcstasy are the heart of the heat. They are adventurous, genuine and they are as real as they get. You do not expect them to put on a façade when fucking or getting fucked by their boyfriends or husbands, therefore, they put on a good show, ensuring that you are thoroughly entertained every step of the way. They make you fall into a sexual sync that is not easy to forget. This site stands out because all of the models are good looking. It is clear that they picked and choose only the best of the best to showcase to you. As you will get a wide range of content, you will be able to enjoy masturbation, throats blowjobs, and hardcore sexual encounters. Anything that turns them on will make you come. Their reality is simple and all they want to do is get pleasured by their better halves.

They are the true definition of VelvetEcstasy. They believe in variety being the spice of life and explore sex in its most intimate form. The models have a way of thinking outside the box in order to make their partners happy and satisfied. They dress as aliens, get athletic inside and also get kinky in the outdoors. They do everything in order to leave you absolutely mesmerized. Half the time, it is almost as if they are not aware that the cameras are watching because they are forward on making each other cum. This is the beauty of VelvetEcstasy as you will know it. Sometimes the couples decide to get kinky and have threesomes that feature two beautiful women. Needless to say, the man mast be on cloud nine. They portray would most definitely won your heart.


VelvetEcstasy in all that you need. The site showcases real sexual encounters in a way that you have never experienced them before. The sex is passionate but hardcore and this will keep you glued to the screen for all the right reasons. There are thousands of photos and videos galleries watching for you to explore, need I say more? VelvetEcstasy is an adult platform that will ensure you are always thoroughly fulfilled.

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