TrickYourGF reviewTrickYourGF review

TrickYourGF review

Site Overview

Great 4K girlfriend porn site, TrickYourGF is all about cunning guys who definitely know the best way to make their girlfriends pay for cheating on them! Instead of just breaking up with these unfaithful ladies and moving on, they intend to make the break up more memorable and somehow shameful by tricking their girlfriends and letting them get fucked by total strangers in rough, unprotected sex.

The horny ladies are being blindfolded, excited at the fact that their boyfriends are going experimental. What they do not know is that the vengeful guys will just sit on the couch while a hidden camera in the room records the whole encounter. When the blindfolds go down, that’s when the girls knew it was payback time!

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Design and features

TrickYourGF comes to your screen from the same guys that brought us one of the best Russian cuckolding xxx collections, Make Him Cuckold. But while these two shares a similar core concept, there is one factor that makes them distinct. At TrickYourGF, the boyfriends are more than willing to be cuckolded –they even set the whole thing up! For some reason, their girlfriends need to learn some lessons, perhaps because they have cheated or there are indiscretions in the past. The best way these guys can think of is for them to be fucked by other men while they are watching and recording.

The official website is well-organized and boasts intuitive features. The collection is fairly-sized at the moment but you’ll be surprised because it’s jam-packed with sorting tools such as an advanced search. Notably, it is a rarity in porn sites with less than a hundred scenes. You can also take advantage of the tags and categories to make your search fast and seamless.

But of course, since you’ll get full access to the collections of the Dirty Flix network once you join TrickYourGF, it only makes sense you have several browsing and sorting tools at your disposal. You don’t even need to upgrade your membership or deal with paywalls –everything comes completely free! The collection can also be accessed on mobile devices without issues.

Girls and videos

TrickYourGF’s videos are scripted, yes. But surely, you would find yourself lost in the stories because the Russian models are immensely talented. They can give full justice to the dirty theme almost effortlessly! The sex scenarios are pretty straightforward –the girls will be blindfolded by their boyfriends. The guys are whispering dirty promises and the girls get so excited. Then, gorgeous strangers will enter the room and they are usually bigger than the boyfriends.

They will fuck the ladies without mercy and the boyfriends even get as close as possible, talking dirty and assuring the girls that there are no other men in the room. The combination of taboo, cuckold and other forbidden fantasies will surely give you a kind of orgasm you’ve never known before!


TrickYourGF gives hardcore fucking and cuckolding niches interesting twists. The Russian ladies and their counterparts are very talented and they can easily convince viewers that the scenes are not scripted. The locations are well-lit and there are English subtitles so you can easily catch up with the storylines. The actions are hot and straightforward and the endings are always memorable!

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