TonightsGirlfriend reviewTonightsGirlfriend review

TonightsGirlfriend review

Site Overview

The TonightsGirlfriend is another fantasy-driven site, but it has something that makes it quite astonishing: it has an all-stars setup, and every participant (including the crew behind the scenes) is professional. If you open the page, you can see that there are only mainstream pornstars featured in the videos, and they are mostly currently active girls from the models’ list of the NaughtyAmerica. That’s right, this site is a product of the folks at one of the leading porn providers of the United States. This ensures the high quality of the picture, the cool professionalism of the models, and of course that arousing experience only a NaughtyAmerica fantasy can grant you. Though the studio has a big network, the TonightsGirlfriend isn’t one of those sites. The NaughtyAmerica has a series of standalone porn sites, running under the trademark of ‘Naughty America Presents’. These videos are available only on this site, the main network doesn’t feature them at all. If you become a member, you get a weekly updated collection of hardcore porn, and while you are at it, you can enjoy some bonuses: there are archived NaughtyAmerica live cam shows, you can access actual live cams you might even get some of the pornstars to do a show for you and some discount deals are also offered.

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Design and features

The folks behind the site had their focus on providing the viewers with good porn, and serve it in an elegant way. That’s why the home page of the TonightsGirlfriend looks posh, with a neat simplicity ruling over it. You won’t have any problems browsing it, and the tour itself is really good. As you can see, there is a menu on the top, where you can get to the models’ list and the videos’ list. In tour mode, you can preview the videos of your choose by watching their trailers. Five previews are available. The layout and design won’t really change when you log in. In there, you still have the menu which is the only navigation tool you get. It’s recommended to use the models’ list as a sorting option: you find someone you like, watch her scene, then go for the next one. Eventually, you will watch all of these videos. Since it’s a streaming-only site, they provide the videos in a stable stream, and they grant you high quality. You can set the quality lower if you must, but the best experience is to watch these FLV videos in 1080p on full-screen.

Girls and videos

That bastard who makes these videos is a quite lucky lad, because he has the chance to shoot classy, erotic yet real hardcore porn movies with the hottest girls the NaughtyAmerica as a studio can get. There are only professionals appearing in these videos, but they are varied and gorgeous. This guy fuck hot girls like Mia Malkova, Whitney Westgate or Eva Lovia. Every video of the TonightsGirlfriend features different girls. And they are not just different, but the models list of the site is really varied. You can enjoy here the performance of girls from all popular ethnicities, so there are amazing Latinas, Ebonies and Asians too. Another factor that can help you find a girl you like, that the models are mixed in the aspect of their breasts size and shape. For example, Mia Malkova is a natural beauty, with perky medium breast and with such a fine ass that you would like to kiss it clean. But there is Diamond Jackson, who is an Ebony princess, with huge fake breasts. It’s certain that you will find here a girlfriend that will fit into your fantasies. As far as the guy is concerned, he is professional too, and so he is well-hung, and seemingly always horny for a fresh wet pussy. The videos of the TonightsGirlfriend are really hot. They are sorted into different categories, which the site calls as Fantasies. Though the videos feature only guy on girl action, they cover several niches, they all have something which makes them get sorted into the different categories. Those scenes that you can find under the tag Kinky Porn feature plain hardcore sex, but they have some extra, sometimes unusual, sometimes kinky elements. For example, in some scenes the guy gets a rim-job (which is oral stimulation of the anus, in this case, the girls do this for the guy). When you open the list of the Vanilla porn, you can expect to see videos listed, which feature only hard sex, without anything kinky or heavy. This is just sex, the guy bangs the girls hard and well, just as any of us would do. You can find here Roleplaying videos too, and though they are not feature too much talking, the costumes the girls wear make it quite evident what the situation is. Also there are several scenes where the guy dominates over the girls, but in some cases there is some softer femdom elements in the videos, so it’s a real mix. Every video here is studio-made, and they are all scripted, so you won’t get here anything else then perfect bodies in perfectly shot porn videos.


The TonightsGirlfriend has its ups and downs, but apart from being a standalone streaming-only site, there are only good thing to mention about it. For example, the models are gorgeous, and you can find here all sizes of breast from the natural medium ones to the huge fakes. Also the Roku access is something you should consider, especially if you have such devices. The 1080p stream is surprisingly steady, and when you start playing the videos, you get a very neat playback. If you like luxury, you should join the site (and if you like hardcore sex too), because these glamorous hardcore videos are giving a feeling of being privileged.

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