TightAndTeen reviewTightAndTeen review

TightAndTeen review

Site Overview

For people who enjoy watching fresh girls or lesser ride that cock or take it up their tight little asses, then I say that you’ve come to right place. Though TightandTeen is the usual sexed up girls who take it up in either holes, or sometimes at the same time, it is where you can find one of the best quality works a porn site could offer. These striplings who crave for not only cocks, but pussies as well, don’t only engage in a man to woman sexual activity but to hardcore lesbian sex too. I know, that sounds pretty damn awesome and trust me when I say that your time here will never garner your regret since the promises that the site has plastered everywhere turn out to be really true.

Future members should be aware that the videos and scenes available in the site itself are all original and cannot be found anywhere else other than the said website. Since TightandTeen has been around for quite some time, they have a bountiful and copious content. As for the cuties present in this porn heaven, you’d think by the way that they look that they’re certified virgins or chaste girls but they aren’t. They aren’t amateurs you can take on lightly, they’re absolute wildlings in bed and there is nothing you can do about it (but fap to them, in all honesty). Despite their being fresh, these ladies will suck and fuck cocks like the champions and advocates that they are. These girls are upholders to their slutty titles and not only will the site benefit from them, but so will us viewers.

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Design and features

While the website itself is clean and very easy to navigate, you will find yourself surprised at how neat and arranged the videos are despite the large content of the site. You see, I rarely find porn sites sleek and orderly to begin with, but this one right here has a tinge of elegance and spotlessness to it. There are a few ads here and there but that won’t be an issue after all. Since the site is an all exclusive one, meaning all the videos are originals and you won’t be able to find them anywhere else other than TightandTeen itself, you’ll have to be a member to be able to fully utilize all the features they provide and give out. A trial membership is available, for a price of course, but you’ll only be subjected to a maximum of five videos to watch, along with their corresponding photos. I say, why pay that price for a trial membership, when you can pay the price for an “actual” one that will let you explore every nook and cranny of this pornographic paradise that feature the most gorgeous fresh hotties.

There are about two hundred scenes and counting available for watching and they all emphasize and accentuate girls who love threesomes, double penetrations, steamy bow jobs and hand jobs, lesbian sex, the usual cock and pussy fucking, and their specialty: anal sex. Yes, you heard me, these ladies maybe into the usual niches but you’ll be surprised to hear that this porn site actually likes their huge doses of anal fucking. For the most part, most videos accessible are in high definition and their photos all in high quality. Then again, if your photos were shot by professional photographers and the locations provide very good lighting, you’ll be able to produce really nice quality photos. The videos are available for both streaming and downloading. Streaming can be done online, using the embedded Flash player the website provides. The quality of the video is very nice, running at 1280 x 720. The older ones though can go below that and are usually run at just 640 x 480. That’s decent enough though, considering these are old productions we are talking about.

The downloaded videos can go higher than 1280 x 720, although you can download them as it is. Another option is the 1920 x 1080 one. Yes, they are mostly in high definition. Again though, older ones tend to have lower specs but nothing short of good. There is no download limit on both videos and photos, too! On an even lighter note, your membership for this site will entitle you to other hardcore porn sites that are under the Private Media Group, around ten or so if I must be specific. These sites are as hardcore as they can be, which is rather expected since they’re under the Private company.

Girls and videos

For this porn site, the girls are extremely hot, steamy, and erotic. They are also hardcore to the core and they will not stop at anything to get the fucking they need. They are experts when it comes to anal sex and all the niches combined. They make look demure and soft but trust me when I say, they’re the exact opposite. They will win you over with their charms and they will use it against you as they start grinding and fucking for their lives. The videos are steamy, too, at the same time, intense. The fucking is awesome and the girls will leave you hard as a rock.


Despite the slow paced updates, I can say that this porn site has me by the claws. I mean, the updates come and go but they update nonetheless, so it doesn’t really pose as a threat to us members. There is a huge content available for viewing anytime you register and that’s enough and even more to keep you busy as the updates slowly roll in. The video and photo quality is superb and you get access to other sites other than this one over here. Those porn sites also scream hardcore and sexy ladies so that’s a huge factor as to why I don’t regret having to sign up as a member.

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