ThaiMoneyPrincess reviewThaiMoneyPrincess review

ThaiMoneyPrincess review

Site Overview

A truly exciting and kinky BDSM porn site, ThaiMoneyPrincess puts a male slave to his ultimate test. In love with money, this princess demands her male slaves to take care of her not only physically, but financially as well. Learning to worship her body to paying for her luxurious lifestyle, male slaves are shown their right place, and are treated and admonished accordingly.

ThaiMoneyPrincess comes across with a very unique kink, that of financial domination. This kink ensures that slaves are paid to keep their dominatrices happy, and fulfil their fetishes and desires. This goes beyond sadistic and masochistic porn, and can be emotionally draining too. But the slaves don’t mind and that’s the beauty of ThaiMoneyPrincess. Dominating right from the word go, slave dogs will not want to do anything other than worship this princess to the core.

This awesome site offers many kinky stories from the life of the ThaiMoneyPrincess, and watching this goddess impale a cock with her feet, or whack it with her hands and fingers, will make your cock go hard in no time. Jerking off to such insane porn is the privilege of a handful of men, and if you want to be one, you should read this review presented for your benefit. After reading, you will surely to subscribe to ThaiMoneyPrincess and you will enjoy calling her, watching her perform for you on cam or even be a real-life slave to this cunt.

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Design and features

ThaiMoneyPrincess has a very kinky look and feel about the entire set-up. What impressed us was the way in which various features of the site blended together to give a synergistic output. The colour scheme is spot on, and so is the placement of the videos, links and contents, as well as the subscription fee.
At the top of the site, there is a gorgeous logo, in red and silver white. Thai and Princess are seen in red colour with a silver white border, while Money is seen in silver white colour. Some currency notes are seen in a heap above Money, indicating the princess’ love for money and how she manages to get them from her slaves.

Above the logo, the princess welcomes all new users to her kinky world of BDSM and financial domination.
A gorgeous picture of the princess graces the site, to the left of the logo. The slut has tanned skin, is slim and looks sexy in a black dress. That seductive smile of hers which made her so famous can be seen on her face, and is very inviting to any male slave who wants to see her satisfied.

A brief description of who the princess is can be seen below the logo, with a grey coloured box indicating “Everything About Me” on it. Clicking this takes you to a new page giving a detailed description of this chick.
The colour scheme used is black for the background, and boxes of grey used to load video thumbnails and descriptions of the videos. On the top of these boxes, the title of the video is placed against a red background. Towards the right, on the red background, there is a yellow ochre box with the words, Join Now, in black text. The Join Now button has a silver white border. Towards the left of the title, there is a tiara and a few currency notes, to indicate that this slut is a money princess.

The tour page has five videos, laid out in a list form, and a total of two pages are available for touring. To check out the rest, one needs to become a member of this awesome site.
The site is affordable and provides two membership schemes. A monthly membership scheme is easy on your pocket, but the quarterly scheme gives you additional discounts and savings which you would not want to miss out.

Girls and videos

Like any porn site, ThaiMoneyPrincess gives you a sneak-peek into the world of the chick and her dominating sex life. This sexy dominatrix is waiting for males to become her slaves. The seductive look on her face is very deceptive, for she is an expert in putting up a sweet face first, and then rip you off with her financial demands and needs.
She loves money and expect all her slaves to pay for her luxurious lifestyle, such as her apartment’s rent, her designer clothes, shoes and other luxurious stuff. She loves to walk over her slave’s cocks with her shoes, admonish and chastise them, making them feel like crap. Verbally mistreating them, calling them names, and telling them that they have no place in life anywhere else unless they sign up as slaves of the ThaiMoneyPrincess.

The princess has an awesome body, suitable for a true princess. No wonder, she is a princess. Slim, slender and sexy, this slut knows how to maintain an awesome body. Her face is exquisite, and cute, with a very seductive smile. When she strips naked, one will only want to worship her body, kiss her boobs, suck her dark nipples, eat her pink cunt and spank her round ass. Well, you can’t spank her ass, but only worship the round bums till she cums hard.
We must agree that this website has some of the kinkiest and the most exclusive videos that you will find, with an awesome video collection, which is updated every Friday. These videos can be downloaded in MP4 and WMV formats, with no download limits. Alternately, you can also stream the videos to your computer. With HD resolution videos and hi-res photos, ThaiMoneyPrincess makes for a perfect porn site to enjoy.


Once you subscribe to ThaiMoneyPrincess, you will realize that this is probably the kinkiest websites out there, where men are chastised and dominated by the cutest dominatrix in the world. Strict mistress looking to dominate you financially, physically and emotionally, you will want to watch these videos and photos with more energy and enthusiasm, as the slut whacks cocks and stamps them, with sadistic pleasure. Affordable to subscribe, ThaiMoneyPrincess will give you access to all her private videos, live sessions and even her phone number for an intimate sex chat over the phone.

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