TamedTeens reviewTamedTeens review

TamedTeens review

Site Overview

These crazy ladies need some seriously rough sex to calm these horny girls down a few notches! The great quality of the movies on TamedTeens is their definite claim to fame, with sparkling crystal clear HD on every scene and super talented models to perform and enjoy it all for your own viewing pleasure! This kind of perfect picture for both downloads and browser streaming puts many other sites fresh wild ones to shame, as you’ll see as TamedTeens amazes you with the sharpest videos and pictures that you’ve seen in a long, long while. In addition to that, zero of your attention will be diverted away from your porn, as TamedTeens is proud to be 100% ad-free to provide you with the stuff you actually care about. PerfectGonzo is the proud network host of TamedTeens and its sister sites, which offers nearly 2,000 videos to view combined over the 10 exclusive websites that are bundled with the membership to TamedTeens. Not that I think TamedTeens will ever grow old and tiring, but if it ever were to do so, there is plenty of other sites included that you can browse to supplement your desires.

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Design and features

Compared to the super high definition that TamedTeens is known for, the site design is simplistic, looking similar to a blog style of layout. Their choice shades of lime green give a peppy, fun light to the sight and go well with the colorful outfits the models wear in each video before stripping down to the nude or in hot lingerie. The navigation is also made extremely easy with several clearly visible tabs to direct you to the scenes, models, website index, and complimentary TamedTeens blog. Stats of the whole network and the specific site are listed on the home page along with a brief about section, and many suggested movies for you to watch to grow friendly with the site and what all it has to offer you. You can download any video without limit in a mp4 format, as well as get .zip files of the 300+ photo galleries that are included in equally high quality as the rest of the material on TamedTeens. Streaming speeds are very good, with less than a 5-second buffer for most browsers. You’ll be getting your dose of mistress taming within seconds on TamedTeens, instead of staring at the loading screen or repetitive ads as videos on other sites takes minutes to load just halfway. Don’t worry about the time it takes to discover these fast-loading videos, either. You’ll get the chance to use up that queue next time you’re on the go with the TamedTeens mobile-friendly version, as well. You literally can get fast, easy hardcore sex anytime and in the best quality!

Girls and videos

Out of the 126 different models that star on TamedTeens, it’ll be easy to find one that suits your tastes to a perfect fit. They even have a directory listed alphabetically so you can rediscover your favorites again and again as the time goes on. With such vast variety in girls when it comes to size, shape, ethnicity, kinks, and style you’ll never run dry. Carla Cox, a knockout hottie with a tan, toned body and platinum blonde signature pigtails, likes to join threesomes and orgies to swap cum with other girls and suck multiple dicks at once. If dark, exotic beauties are more your style, Kyra Black is a stunning lover of rough anal and steamy lesbian sex scenes. She adds a bit of alternative flair with a lip and belly button piercings, coy smirk, and skimpy personal style of dress. All of the models featured on TamedTeens are promised to be in the highest fashion, receive the best pounding, and give the best performance. With a site that favors flawless quality over all else, you’re sure to get perfect women to satisfy every craving out there. Sexy has never come this bountiful before! TamedTeens has a dress code of short skirts, tall heels, and cropped tops for whenever nude isn’t an option. The videos on TamedTeens are just as tantalizing as their femme Fatales that star in them, ranging from a series of niches under hardcore sex to include a fetish for every fancy. Descriptive blurbs and screencaps give you an informative preview for you to consider when selecting a movie. With 128 videos featured on TamedTeens, they sure get a lot of coverage on kinks. In one of the scenes, Candy is locked in a cage, while in another Anita Bellini gets a huge glass ass plug inserted while she sports a blindfold. It’s a combination of crazy and common that’ll drive you wild next as these girls are tamed down to a simmer!


Hardcore sex featuring fresh chicks isn’t something new to adult entertainment, but TamedTeens takes the extra step by adding flawless quality to every aspect of their site and the entire network. For those who get fed up with lousy speeds, pixelated home videos, and scraggly girls with badly done make-up, TamedTeens gives the opportunity to slate your thirst for real, wild porn in HD. It’s really hot to see these professional pornstars let loose and hand over control after a bit of a fight to their male partner, and the things these couples get up to in TamedTeens collection of movies only gets nastier as you search! It’s all steamy hot, exclusive, high definition material ready for you and your twisted desires of spirit foxes learning how to settle and obey.

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