TakeVan reviewTakeVan review

TakeVan review

Site Overview

Take Van is one of the finest hardcore porn sites and delivers hardcore HD videos filmed in pick up vans. You may have heard of this concept before, where random guys pull over their van in the street and pick up a clueless girl for sex. Take Van films these adventurous moments in hardcore xxx scenes, which give you a glimpse of hardcore and reality sex.

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Design and features

Take Van is a neat and flawless site with a minimalistic and simple layout in it. I like the way it brings out a mysterious vibe in the site. This is already the site’s trademark and I think it suits the type of porn that they are representing. The design of the site is very user friendly and convenient to use. The navigation is easy to understand. Anyone can easily go through the pages of the site without the need of a guidebook. Aside from being easy to understand, the navigation bar is also located at the top section of the site where you can easily access the important links such as the Home button, the videos button, the sites button and the contact us button. The logout button is also slightly above this section. Aside from the menu, the site also has a pagination, which helps you browse through the pages without loading the entire page. The site also has an advanced search bar where you can search items all over the site with the use of keywords.

This works because the contents are tagged and these tags are used in the searching process. It is also possible to sort the contents of the site. You can have it by date, title and popularity. Down in the homepage, you will get a sneak peak of the entire collection of the site since you will be getting some of the recently uploaded videos and the upcoming videos in the collection. By just looking at the homepage, you will already have an idea of what to see in the site. The homepage does not give us the full details of the videos but it has some informations, which is enough for us to be interested in it. It displays a screenshot from the video, the video title, the date of the upload, and the location where the girls were picked. It also includes a short description of what’s going on in the scene.

If you want to see more from it, you can visit the scenes section of the site. There are over 76 scenes in the collection and they run for 30 minutes on average. You can download or stream the videos and still get a 1920×1080 high resolution video. The downloaded videos are available in MP4 format only. There are daily download limits on the site though. It follows a rule that whenever you used all your downloads for the day, you have to wait for 24 hours to refresh and be able to download again. The scenes are available in Czech since they’re from the Czech Republic, but they have English subtitles. Sadly, the site does not have photo sets but it does have bonus videos where you can go on with your porn watching adventures.

Another feature of the site is its collection of friend sites like TeenyPlayground, My First Public, and Fake Shooting. However, although these sites are introduced in Take Van, you cannot access these sites entirely since you still need to individually sign up for them. The website is also mobile friendly. It is not only operating and looking very well in a desktop platform but in your mobile devices as well.

Girls and videos

The site has a model’s index where you can find a brief intro about the models. However, the information you can read is not that extensive. Do remember that these girls were just picked up from the streets. At least what you can expect out of the model’s index is that it will contain the girl’s portrait picture and name. With this much information, it should give us something to start with, right? The girls on this site are all amateur porn stars from the Czech Republic. They are not English speakers so you will notice that all of the videos are in Czech.

There’s no need to worry though because there are English subtitles and their conversations are really not that relevant for you to understand. Moving on, I have seen pretty girls in the selection who are all fuck-worthy. They don’t only have sexy bodies but they are also adventurous because they agreed to be fucked while at the backseat of a stranger’s car. In some videos, the main porn actor has a company inside the van who contacts the girls. Then she introduces the picked up girl to the porn actor and that’s when the action starts to take place. I like how they still manage to give us a hardcore scene even though the van is not spacious enough to execute different sex positions. I have seen them fucking doggy style or missionary. Some scenes are threesome sex.


I like to Take Van because this site offers a different kind of porn videos. This is perfect for those who are adventurous and care-free, and want to watch straight hardcore porn. When it comes to the quality of the videos, the site definitely pulled it off excellently. The videos are flawless and in HD. Despite the fact that these porn models are getting it on inside a moving van, the camera doesn’t show any shaky moments. It was a smooth ride but a rough sex.

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