Submissed reviewSubmissed review

Submissed review

Site Overview

Every man has its own preference of what kind of porn he will watch so that he is fully satisfied. Many people will prefer lesbian porn, others prefer Asian, or Black girls, some prefer orgies or casual sex all depends on your wishes and sexual desires. That is why porn content should be explored thoroughly due to its diversity and richness in quality. For that purpose, we are presenting to you a slightly different porn site, which has much to offer and its content will not leave you half way satisfied.

We are talking about Submissed, a porn site that features exclusively BDSM porn videos which will give you the kind of experience you need. All girls that you are about to see on this site have no reservations in doing what they do and will submit to any treatment just to satisfy the man playing with their bodies. The experience that you will attain will surely be out-of-this-world and nothing alike will ever come across to you on the whole Internet. Submissed provides well-planned membership schemes that have the timings of one year, six months and one month, making sure that you can access pure, high definition porn videos as long as possible.

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Design and features

When looking at Submissed layout design, you will acknowledge how sympathetic and marvelous it is, as you sink deeper into the content of the site and enjoy every aspect of it. There is a sense of genius organization in the whole imagination of the site’s appearance and how it can attract viewers into its content. There is a clear division line between the content, which gives clarity, accessibility and compact manner. The important thing about this porn network is the fact that it is divided into six independent sites that all of them feature BDSM porn material such as, StrugglingBabes, MachineDom, BallGagger, HogtiedUp, and BoundMenWanked. For this reason, you will find at the top of the page a thumbnail and a description box related to each site individually, as well as pictures resembling the content of the site.

This is why your browsing will be easy, pleasurable and uninterrupted by clatters that annoy you and deprive you of the possibility to explore the site thoroughly. You will enjoy as you navigate the site and enjoy its contents in accordance with your preferences. Reaching content will never seem easier and more pleasurable than browsing Submissed and acknowledging its merits. As for the visual properties of the site and its appealing merits that make you focused and centered on the videos, the color scheme has a huge role in this function because it manages to provide enough support for each video to be individually explored and watched. The simplicity of the color scheme is the reason why you will love watching porn on this site, as it will give you clear access to the content and enable you to take the most out of it. The color scheme consists of black and red as prime colors which are well combined and give the sense of unity and clarity.

Black is elegant, strong, dominant, mysterious and desirable, whilst red is erotic and resembles powerful passion. This combination of colors depicts the nature of the porn content found on this site and helps you set in the horny mood that you need in order to have a masturbating session such as you acquire. The grid format for the videos makes searching easy and the large thumbnails make your searching easier. In a nutshell, the layout manages to perform important features, which contribute to the overall quality of the site and make it more attractive to the eyes of viewers.

Girls and videos

The part of the review which deals with the girls filmed on the videos and their sexual assets is indeed the most intriguing for the majority of readers. You have to know that once you access the site, you will encounter some wild sex content which has no boundaries in pursuing fetishes and proper dominance. All content found on this site is meant to boost your fantasies and take your masturbating experience on a whole new level.

These ladies are amazingly gorgeous, especially when they are tightly tied and have little control over their bodies. This position makes their vulnerability more prominent and obvious, as you watch their facial expressions twist in mirth and satisfaction caused by some powerful penetration and intense banging. Their wonderfully shaped butts are craving for spanking and rubbing since you have to be dominant and unapologetic when subjugating a woman.

You will find the most submissive ladies in the whole pornographic industry that have no objections to the treatment they are receiving but rather are enjoying it with pleasure and satisfactions. All kinds of vibrators and dildos are used to make those girls have orgasm several times, and the cocks that are penetrating their tight vaginas have definitely no mercy in doing it. As for the technical aspect of the videos, you will find more than 120 porn flicks available to you once you subscribe to the site. You can either stream them online or download them to your electronic device safely and instantly. If you choose to take them down, they appear in an MP4 format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 10171 kbps. This feature is more than sufficient for your masturbating session to end in strong ejaculation and loads of cum.


For the end, we must say that Submissed is one of the best porn sites that we have encountered so far, especially when talking about BDSM content. Submissed is a great option for you if you are looking for an erotic experience. All aspects of the site resemble quality work, to attract people and make their masturbation unforgettable. Subscribe to the site’ services by paying an affordable subscription fee and become its regular visitor whenever you have the need to. All those videos are at your disposal and are waiting to be explored thoroughly and passionately.

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