StopOrIllSquirt reviewStopOrIllSquirt review

StopOrIllSquirt review

Site Overview

Women and their orgasms are such a sight to behold. And what is even better? A woman squirting. You know then that she has achieved the best orgasm in her life. Does her orgasming and moaning make your cock rock hard? And imaging both of you ejaculating at the same time, her ejaculating with her squirt juice of course! And is squirting real? Of course, it is. Women are capable of squirting though everyone will have their own way of squirting. Some will squirt a lot while the others not so much. There is an essential thing to remember though.

Most porn sites, which offer squirt videos, do not really have women who can squirt. Most of them are just trying to drive out some water from the pussy. Women don’t squirt via the pussy! So, what does squirting look like? It looks kind of like ejaculation; it has some projectile in it. Well we have found a gem among porn sites when it comes to squirting, StopOrIllSquirt is the website. And they have the best line up of girls. All of them are sultry and really, really hot. And they really do know how to squirt. This website is one of the sites owned by Kickass Pictures.

They are very well known to makes sites, which are very fetish oriented. They have brilliant content like videos, pictures and full length movies on their websites that are sure to turn any man on. They have blonde, brunettes red heads. Really hot white chicks to Latinas. You name it and they have whatever your cock desires doing all kinds of nasty thing to other until they squirt.

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Design and features

The layout of this site is one of the simplest that you will ever come across and that is the beauty of this site. It is the most user friendly site ever made. It is very good to look at and very welcoming. As soon as you open the site, the first thing that you will notice are all the hot girls that are paraded right at the top center. All naked and all ready to squirt while some of them are even squirting. The color scheme that is used is white background with light blue and a fiery orange color for the font that is used on the website.

Yes, the colors seem bold, but they are very easy on the eye, letting you focus on what you really have come for. The colors are somehow balanced to perfection. It just enhances your experience. Also, the site has videos of the hottest and the most watched squirting stars. And are a few of these and as you go further down there are links to the other website of Kickass Pictures. So, if you ever feel like you want more, all you have to do is click on one of these sites and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Girls and videos

Now we reach to the most interesting bit of the review. What kind of booties does StopOrIllSquirt has to offer? These guys have got the most amazing line up of girls on their website. From hot blondes to sexy brunettes. And they will do anything and everything for you. Their sole aim is to ensure that they squirt when they reach an orgasm. So, you will find a whole lot of fucking in these videos.
There are quite a few well-known porn stars on StopOrIllSquirt. You may have come across them on other squirting porn videos too. Do you remember McKenzee Miles? Oh! They have that cute little ass of hers on this website.

You must subscribe and watch this video of Miles, where she has the most intense orgasm ever! The guy picks her up and puts her on the bed. He then proceeds to go down on her. He spread opens her legs, sniffs her pussy and then starts to lick her inner thigh. He soon starts making way to reach her vagina. You can see that Miles is already started to get wet down there and is really enjoying it. He licks around her pussy and she lets out a light moan. As she moans, he shoves his tongue inside of her and pleasures her, turning her on immensely. Not wasting anymore time, he stands up and spits on his fat cock, and shoves it right into her very wet pussy. She cannot stop moaning now. He fucks her while spreading her legs to begin. Then turns her around and fucks her doggy style. He keeps pounding that tight pussy of hers and she can really take some.

And then he makes her ride him and you can see she is really enjoying it. Miles has the most intense orgasm and screams and squirts all over his thick cock. That squirting will give a raging hard on to any man watching that porn video.
But she is not the only one StopOrIllSquirt has to offer. There are several more models. Who are willing to go to any length just to make sure that their pussies squirt at the end of it. They will get fucked in the mouth and even in the ass! Nothing is off the table. Now knowing what the girls are all willing to do, are you still not going to subscribe? We are sure you will do that right away!


This is one awesome website, I think by now we have established that. Starting from the quality of videos StopOrIllSquirt has to offer and to the very obvious fact, the line up of girls that this website boasts, these guys are offering you some really cool content. And knowing this is from Kick Ass Pictures, you can be assured that the standards of StopOrIllSquirt is at par with all of their other websites. So, what are you guys waiting for now? Just go to StopOrIllSquirt, take on a membership, start yourself a porn video, pull down those pants and jerk off that cock away to glory!

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