Shoplyfter reviewShoplyfter review

Shoplyfter review

Site Overview

When you think about it, sex as a price to pay for your wrong doings doesn’t seem so bad. I mean, sure, it would be ten times better if it were with someone you actually liked and cared about but giving and receiving sex to pretty much get you clean is probably the best way to do so. And if you’ve ever thought that maybe some girls who got caught red handed had any choice about that matter then you’re in for a big surprise.

Shoplyfter is a porn site that’s dedicated to bring justice to girls who have done wrong. These girls have stolen, tampered with another person’s property and how else will you give her what she deserves but by fucking her senseless? Watch these girls get pounded on to make them realize that stealing is wrong! So if you’re ready let’s go ahead and learn more about what else this porn site has to offer.

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Design and features

The website’s dark color scheme is the first thing you notice once you get into the site’s landing page. The website’s name is heavily pronounced at the top left corner of the page which allows you to come back to the home page as you see fit. The home page is filled to the brim with previews of the videos that you will find inside. Each video is tagged as a case number and finding the right one is as easy as pie.

Girls and videos

Many kinds of girls end up in the same situation they get fucked over big time for stealing when they thought no one was looking. Girls who think they’re so privileged to get what they want even through means like stealing. These girls are way over their heads and should be dealt with in the best possible way – getting them fucked senseless!
One of the girls who was unlucky enough to get fucked by the security cop was the shop owner’s girl. Poor girl tried to bring out the family member card but the cop had no intention of listening to it. The man was determined to get this girl to the police even scaring her that he had already told them and that they were on their way. The brunette tried to sneak her way around this by hiding the stolen items at the back of the stuff in the office but unfortunately for her, a camera was set up in the room and saw everything.

Crying, the girl pleaded to not tell her father and the security cop did have something in mind for her. Sex was all it took for all the video footage to be gone and the girl reluctantly agreed. Her flat chest with her milky white skin looks amazing. As she gets fucked by the mall officer, you can clearly see the regret in her eyes for the decisions she’s made. Slowly but surely, though, you will find her moaning in pure ecstasy. Talk about a change of heart!
One other girl thought that she and her mother were safe from their actions. They thought it wouldn’t matter since they were an honest to goodness mother and offspring only to find themselves in the mall officer’s room trying to explain their wrong doings.

Now, the officer is here to bring out justice and that is exactly what is going to happen. The daring duo get caught up in the whole we’re not in the wrong business and of course think they can get away with what they’ve done. The mall officer gives them a choice: they both own up to their mistakes and go to jail or have sex with him and save their so called societal standing since he won’t say anything about their filthy acts inside. So without any other choice they choose to have sex and the mall cop gives them the pleasure that they’ve been dying to have.

This mom and girl now know what it’s like to get what they deserve and in the most ridiculous way possible. Karma at its finest if I do say so myself. Almost all of the videos on this website delve towards that kind of drama steal here and you’ll regret it. Sex is the only way out for these lovely law breakers and it doesn’t come as a surprise that they decide to go with it. What’s a little fuck fest here as it won’t hurt and they’ll probably enjoy it anyway?


The day we say no to adorable girls and hot women is the day we all take offense to everything but not here at Shoplyfter. This is the site where things are set right. If you see a girl not doing something honorable then you make sure that she gets what is coming to her. Give it good. And this site doesn’t fail to do so! Join the ranks of many other who believe that sex is the only way, the only answer to making these girls pay. One hot vixen to the next, this site brings out the big guns when it comes to showing their stuff.

Shoplyfter is many kinds of wrong in the best way possible. I mean, you get to witness girls getting what they deserve plus enjoy the whole process. Joining the site gives you access to all the videos once you think the previews are worth every penny. Every video is filled with nonstop sexy action that you just can’t take your eyes off of. These girls will rock your socks off. Not only will you be able to get all these juicy treats but you will have access to plenty networks for your viewing pleasure. So what are you waiting for? Join now and become one of the members of Shoplyfter today!

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