ShemaleCandy reviewShemaleCandy review

ShemaleCandy review

Site Overview

Shemales that hail from the Latin region are the best that you could ever find. They are sexy, luscious and make you feel like you could eat them up in order to make your fantasies complete. The combination of beauty, beautiful tranny faces and hardcore action is one that you may find really hard to resist. That is what ShemaleCandy will give you; the most epic action that you will ever see on an adult platform. Launched in November 2009, the site has been a faithful entertainment companion to date. It has embraced high production values and has brought to you the most delicious tranny action that you would find anywhere on the internet. When you sign up for ShemaleCandy, you will be signing up for the most beautiful and entertaining surprises. As we only live once, you should be able to ensure that all of your sexual moments count. There are no apologies as to the kind of content that ShemaleCandy offers; it goes overboard to ensure that you are truly entertained. The three bonus sites can be fully accessed at the price of one. They will get you smiling before long. Everything has been put together to guarantee that you will always be ‘in the mood’. The delicious treats are as good as they sound, believe me. If you have never seen Latina trannies in action, then you are most definitely going to see them here. The site could not have a more befitting title. It is perfectly acceptable to do everything to fulfill all your horny shemale desires as soon as you yet full access to the site. Under the UltimateTGirlNetwork, you will most certainly receive your membership’s worth. The tempting collection of hardcore and softcore action alike will make ShemaleCandy a porn platform that you can always count on regardless of the carnal desires that you may have. The movies will give you something to shake your cock at. ShemaleCandy comprises of a good number of porn stars who have retired, therefore, you will be able to see their last documented works before they bid the business goodbye. The site also introduces newcomers in a flawless way. The Lucky guys that are part of the site will show you the power of a true Shemale cock and just like me, you will end up wishing, wanting and hoping to see these shemales running around naked in your head anytime you think of epic sexual action.

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Design and features

The videos are the most dominant part of ShemaleCandy site. Whether you want to take them for a test drive or you simply want to know the quality that they possess, the site freely allows you to do so. The pages are quite simple and only showcase the variety of extra features and viewing options that come with the site. When it comes to accessing the content, the streaming option seemed to be the most reliable former. It is fast and does not contain any instances of false drops. However, if you are on a lower connection, speed, the WMV download option will suit you best because it will allow you to enjoy a variety of bitrates. The quality of the movies is enough to make you highly excited. The kind of shots that are found in the movies will make for the most interesting action. The previews are truly reliable and will give you the insight to what the content is truly about. You can count on good natural lighting and poses that will keep you highly entertained.

Girls and videos

The Shemales on ShemaleCandy most certainly did it for me. They are creatures of sexual adoration that will spice things up in your bedroom. Although the site has a lot of Latina shemales, it also adds Americans, Asian ladyboys and a countable number of Europeans. They show off their curves and are really proud to get in hardcore movies. They not only have sex with their fellow shemales but sometimes, they enjoy good fucks from horny studs. You will be delighted to meet them because they will include you into the site’s walls of pleasure by flaunting their naked bodies for the whole world to sex. They not only scream in the different sex scenes but when the pleasure is too much to withstand, they let go and scream. Some of the shemales are very feminine but a good number have charter features. With every new update, ShemaleCandy often showcases the ‘best new shemale’ and gives you an exclusive to her scene. Some of the shemales are namely Vivi Soares, Barbara Smith, Renata Davila, Carla Renata and Leticia among many others. In India Brasil’s movie, you will be in awe as soon as you see her in action. She has mouth-dropping skills that will have you picking your jaw up your from the floor. Her tits are surely the center of attention. You will not be able to surpass their bounciness and largeness. I’m sure the only thing that you will be imagining is putting them inside your mouth. Hilda receives the fuck of a lifetime and she is not afraid to offer up her butthole for much-needed fulfillment. She dishes out the sexiest fellatio, sits on a big cock and pumps it until she cums. You will learn something from the numerous sexual positions that Hilda will show you.


ShemaleCandy will offer a dependable entertainment platform that you will find easy to stick with. There are a lot of new occurrences that will make your stay really worthwhile. The great content quality and the good number of movies that are available to watch will give you a better deal than you initially hoped for. This website has been closed, choose among more paid porn sites!