SexyTeenExGF reviewSexyTeenExGF review

SexyTeenExGF review

Site Overview

Awesome HD amateur porn site, SexyTeenExGF brings you beautiful ex-girlfriends who can easily match the skills and talents of veteran porn performers despite their age. They are evidently not from the “MILF” category yet they seem to know every trick there is in the book. They are sweet and carefree, naive and provocative at the same time, and their hunger for crazy fucking experiences would surely make you a solid fan.

And just like the majority of its sister porn sites under the All Porn Sites Pass network, SexyTeenExGF presents a compilation of user-submitted porn videos. As claimed by the creators, they were submitted by ex-boyfriends who are either bitter about the breakup or just too proud of their former lovers.

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Design and features

The homemade videos can be accessed on the mother network’s general members’ area. You can browse the collection individually by clicking on the site’s name in the dropdown menu. The scenes are represented by naughty video caps and screencaps. You don’t get too many details about the scenes but that won’t pose problems since the featured photos and the overall display are already suggestive. Also, you can just think of the keyword that fits your fetish and you can type them in the search box for quick results.

The videos and pictures are not exclusive; you can see some of them also presented on other porn sites with similar themes. It is not a disappointing factor since the membership price is very pocket-friendly, considering that you’ll get access to more than 100 porn sites in return. The site also displays reliable links to dating and live cam sites. You might need to pay extra for these features though.

Girls and videos

Not all girls would allow their lovers to film them during intimate sexual encounters. However, there are also those sweethearts who couldn’t care any less. These ex-girlfriends surely didn’t think that their ex-lovers would expose them once the romance was over. Yes, you will feel that some of the scenes are staged but still, you have to applaud the models for their great performances. Most of them are filmed while playing with their tits and pussies, giving handjobs and blowjobs, doing lap dances, and experimenting with sex toys.

The site is yet to update its collection once again but there are over 240 scenes available for streaming. Plus, there are thousands of bonus feeds to enjoy from the network which will definitely keep you busy while waiting for the next installments. The varying qualities of the videos aren’t the most advanced but for homemade scenes, they are pretty great. After all, amateur porn videos are supposed to give you that natural feeling, right?


SexyTeenExGF claims that the models in the videos are someone’s ex-lover. Back when the real-life couples were in love, they used to film their intimate encounters, especially when the girls are doing something naughty, thinking that only their boyfriends can see that kinky side of them. However, for some reason, the private videos got uploaded and you can only thank the ex-boyfriends for bringing them into the light.

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