ScandalOnStage reviewScandalOnStage review

ScandalOnStage review

Site Overview

Most of the adult entertainment videos that we see are those of models having sex outdoors, indoors, in bedrooms, houses and more with cameras all over filming them but there is a site that is different than the rest, ScandalOnStage is an adult entertainment site that features sex on stage in front of a live audience.

As they go all steamy and horny you can clearly hear the crowd cheer and shout as they perform all the sex positions that they can perform. The audio of the videos is high definition and they also have sex on the dance floor as the audience can watch them closely and observe them.
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Design and features

Since 2005 ScandalOnStage has been delivering the best and the steamiest live and on stage sex acts, they have thousands of high quality video and audio and they have the best venue for their on stage sex scenes. Once you open the site you will immediately see their high resolution wallpaper that shows the models having sex, having threesomes, orgies and even solo acts on stage. They have five tabs at the upper left side of the page, these are African, Amateur, Anal, Big Breast, Big Butts, Deepthroat and Exotic Asian, there are also tabs at the middle part of the page and they are the photos tab wherein you can see their high resolution pictures, their movies tab wherein you can see all their high definition scenes, Bonus Sites tab wherein you can view the 80 hardcore adult entertainment sites that comes with your subscription, the join now tab that gives you an option to sign up as a member, the Members tab wherein it will give you an option to check the forums of the members and their homepage tab that is a short cut to their homepage.

You will have access to 80 other adult entertainment sites such as RioBang, which features the gangbangs that took place in Rio; YoungAsianBunnies which features hot and beautiful Asians; GrandpaLove which features sex scenes between models and men that are double their age; ILikeHandjobs which features exotic and incredible handjobs and more. If you want to receive real time updates then you can sign up to their newsletter, you will be automatically sent the updates through your email. You can contact their customer support hotline which is available 24/7 and they are ready to answer your questions and help you with your concerns.

Girls and videos

ScandalOnStage has thousands of high definition videos that you will surely enjoy. One video showed two women, one with short, blonde hair while the other with long blonde hair, and they were kissing passionately on stage in front a huge crowd, the colourful lights and the blasting music added to the air of lust that consumed the club. In the middle of the stage there was a red couch placed so that the women or other models can have sex on it while the crowd watched, as the two were locked in an embrace, the long haired woman reached out and squeezed the breasts of the short haired woman over her white top, she then bent over and pulled the white top down and kissed her bare breasts.

They sat on the couch as the long haired woman sucked and licked the tits of the short haired girl who she was on top of, they continued kissing for a few more seconds as the short haired girl pushed the long haired one off of her and she started dancing in the middle of the stage while taking her clothes off; the long haired girl then helped her by kneeling on the stage and removing the short haired girl’s underwear before kissing her shaved pussy and licking it, the short haired girl used the long haired girl’s shoulder for support as she lifted her leg slightly so that the long haired girl could have more access to her pussy. The both of them went back to the couch and kissed each other again, both were fully naked as the short haired girl positioned herself on top of the long haired one, suddenly a bald man joined them on stage, they made him sit on the couch as they continued kissing and touching each other, they even ate each other out in front of him.

The long haired girl then approached him and kissed him passionately as her hands roamed all over his body, she then unzipped his pants and removed his belt, he then stood up and pulled his grey pants down along with his underwear. She then proceeded to suck him off as he was sitting on the couch and the long haired girl was kneeling on the stage with her bare ass visible to the crowd, what the camera captured was her head going up and down indicating that she took the cock by the mouth and proceeded to suck it and lick it, the short haired girl then squeezed the bare ass of the long haired one and licked her pussy from the back, she also touched it and rubbed it and the long haired girl was busy giving the man an oral. The long haired woman and the bald man had sex on the couch as he pounded her shaved pussy with his long, hard cock, the short haired girl kissed them both and touched them as they had sex. The video then ended with the bald man pulling out and shooting his cum all over the long haired woman’s stomach and breasts.


If you are tired and bored of the same old scripted adult entertainment videos then you can watch the videos on this site, ScandalOnStage gives you the exciting feeling of watching models having sex in front of a crowd with no limits and no restrictions.

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