SafariSex reviewSafariSex review

SafariSex review

Site Overview

The Safari is a wild and exotic location that is visited by men. The sun and the desert combined will make you feel all hot and make you all sweaty. But what can make everything more wild and exotic is sex in the middle of the mentioned place, with the locals who wants nothing but to tour you around and get a taste of your cock.

SafariSex is a site that combines the wildness of the location to the wildness of the scenery and of the sex; they have thousands of videos that shows the exoticness of African American sex.

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Design and features

The contents of the site are all updated regularly, and they have about 7 categories like African, Amateur, Anal, BBW, Big Breast, Big Butts and Big Cocks. All of the videos on the site are in high definition and can be downloaded and transferred to your device, the site also has a user friendly mobile version that you can use on your phone or you can also stream their videos through your desktop computer.

They have about 10 movies and each video has a summary of the plot while they have about 55 porn videos, which are all arranged in 5 pages and the videos lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes each. You can also sign up for the site’s newsletter so that you can receive updates through your email; they also have a customer support hotline that you can contact if you have any inquiries or suggestions regarding the site or your subscription.

Girls and videos

This site features sex in the wilderness, in one video it showed a Safari sex tour, a German man was driving his jeep across the wilderness and on the back seat of his jeep there were 5 African American women. When they reached their destination, the camera focused on a German man and an African American woman who were fighting, he held her by the neck while reprimanding her. He then spanked her breasts and her pussy and dragged her to the nearby bush, there he tied her on a tree branch and he pulled her shirt down and continued slapping her exposed breasts, he even used his towel to smack her tits making them bounce. After that he untied her and he pulled his dick out of his pants and made her suck it, both of her hands were tied together and she did her best to be able to hold his cock while sucking it, he then cut her loose and she continued to suck his white dick while she pleasured herself, she lifted one of her legs and placed it on a rock so that the camera could focus on her pussy while she rubbed it and played with her clit.

After the blowjob, he pulled her hair and made her bend, the camera then focused on her ass as the German man slapped it repeatedly, he then dragged her to his jeep and he opened the back door, he prepared a blanket for her to lay on and he made her spread her legs, he then inserted his cock into her slowly at first and then he went faster, then he made her lay on her side as he fucked her sideways not breaking the pace that he made the first time. After a few minutes he pulled out as she ran across a nearby bush and peed, revealing her own cum and then she went back to the jeep and fucked the sex toy that the German man attached on his jeep, while she was bouncing up and down and holding her own breasts, the camera went back and forth in focusing on her bouncing tits and her pussy that was being drilled by the sex toy, after watching her play with herself the German man approached her while he was holding his cock and while was jacking off and he sprayed his cum all over her exposed breasts, he then took her by the hair and made her sucking his cock again until she was able to suck all of his juice.

In another video it showed an African American woman who was wearing bright pink lingerie sucking the massive cock of a German tourist, the video started with her deep throating him and going all the way to be able to get all of him into her mouth. After the blowjob she lied on the blanket that was prepared for her on the ground and she took her panty off, showing a hairy and exotic pussy, the man then knelt down and played with her pussy, rubbing the outline and flicking the throbbing clit. He then started eating her out which made her moan loudly, he stuck is tongue out and used it to drill her hole, they then switched places and she blew him again before he lied on the blanket and he made her ride him, she used his legs for support and for balance as she bounced up and down his dick, he also held her hips to steady her pace. He stood up and he bend her over and fucked her doggy style while he squeezed her dangling tits, the video then ended with him cumming all over her face.


If you are looking for adventure and exotic sex then SafariSex is the adult entertainment site for you. They are equipped with the best locals who know how to suck dicks and how to perform in front of the camera, the hotness and the wildness of their sex matches the scenery of the place. Each one of their videos is of the highest quality since, as it’s shown on the site, they film them with a crew that went out in the wild just to provide the best African porn.

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