PinkAffairs reviewPinkAffairs review

PinkAffairs review

Site Overview

PinkAffairs is not what you think it is. It is not an adult dating website (because of the word affairs – people mistake it as such), but instead it is an adult entertainment site or simply put, a pornographic website. It is owned and managed by a porn network called Ishibashi Network and so far, it has 17 websites, PinkAffairs included. Each of these websites has a specific niche. For PinkAffairs, it is producing, filming and distributing sex films with European women as their models. If some films may seem like user submitted, that is not the case here. PinkAffairs movies are professionally done. You can say it is a fancy site. The pictures are very vivid. The fonts of the pages are really clear. Upon landing on the page, one will see that the site has its content organized very well. Judging by the pictures provided on the site and the videos or the films shown, the quality is exceptional. The films are shown in high definition and the pictures are in high resolution too. Membership to PinkAffairs will give you the benefit of watching all the films in this site plus access to the 16 other websites of Ishibashi Network. What are some of these sites? There is the Filipino Fuck which features Filipina models – brown skin, black hair, brown eyes, short but very sexy ladies. They also have Lesbians24/7 and by the name alone, you will understand that the site is all about female to female intimate and sexual relations. Girls Got A Dick is one of their sub sites as well and you will see in that site she-male model; ladies on the outside who loves to suck and be fucked in the anus, but they still have a cock and they love to use it. Those are just some of the sites in Ishibashi and you will be able to view these sites if you are a member of PinkAffairs. The sites in the network, including PinkAffairs are keen on providing updates for their members. At least once a week, there is an update on the new videos, new models, and other things.

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Design and features

The style of the PinkAffairs website is pretty cool. When you search for the site, there is a reminder page and only adults are allowed to push through. After that, when you click I AGREE, ENTER, you will then be redirected to the PinkAffairs home page and it is a sight for the sore eyes, so to speak. First off, the layout of the site is well-organized. Second, it is easy to go from one page to another because the headings are all laid out in plain sight. All you have to do is point the mouse to a particular heading and click to view a page. Lastly, once you arrive at the home page, the site operator made sure that as a non-member visitor, you will be able to read their features and be impressed by it. Yes, on the home page of PinkAffairs, the features are openly stated and they are magnanimous. If you are a member of PinkAffairs, you will receive updates from the network and its 17 sites each day. You also have all the right to download the movies or the videos from any of the sites to your laptop, PC or mobile device. At this time, there are about 5,329 films or videos. What an archive! The content of each site is exclusive to their network alone, but there are some old clips that can be seen as free on the net, those free porn blogs. Still, you cannot watch the entire film on a free site. It is not as exciting as being able to “own” the full movie. The models of PinkAffairs and the entire network has reached 2966 – this is one of their greatest features. It is growing each week. That is a lot of porn stars, all sexy and horny, each with a different beauty and of course, their bodacious bodies. You will see all these exotic faces perform not only in PinkAffairs, but also on the sub-sites. And if you want to watch them perform live, your membership with PinkAffairs will allow you to view live cam shows each week. Like I said – magnanimous site!

Girls and videos

The videos or films under the Video page of PinkAffairs are anywhere between 7 to 65 minutes. These films are all in high definition and very nice to watch, simply put. Be warned – you might get hooked on watching the sex movies. The ladies of PinkAffairs are European. They have pinkish nipples, round boobies and flawless natural beige skin. There is a mix of blonde, brunette and redhead lovelies here. They are so delicious to say the least. Take for instance Jessica, one of the newest models in PinkAffairs. She is Caucasian and hails from Hungary. She is 35 and a Scorpion (no wonder she is very sexual) and loves to be fucked by big cocks not just in her vagina, but also her ass. She has red hair, hazel brown eyes and stands 5 feet 6 inches with 36 inch breasts. Do I have to elaborate some more? Oh and yes, from time to time, Jessica loves a cum facial.


The usual question here is this, does PinkAffairs and its network live up to the expectation of its members? The answer is more than YES. The website looks great. All the features are so far spot on and they are delivering a notch higher than the standards that they have set. Being a member of a site which prides on its features to be exceptional, PinkAffairs has every right to do so. Is your money worth it here for a monthly subscription? Again, yes. Pay for one site and yet you get access to 16 more. How cool is that? This site is well-managed and has content that can really get your dick hard or pussy wet. After all, that is what matters, right?

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