Petite18 reviewPetite18 review

Petite18 review

Site Overview

Now, this is heavy hardcore porn, and it’s not reality porn, so you won’t see the girls acting like they didn’t know what was coming. This page is the only hardcore porn site within the network it’s part of. The TugPass network, which runs the site, focuses mostly on blowjobs and hand jobs, but as you can see they thought of those who like to see videos with actual penetration. As you may have guessed, if you register on the Petite18, the entrance to the collection of the whole network will be wide open. The included sites feature mostly nasty hand- and blowjobs, but there is always a twist in the story. For example, the SeeMomSuck features threesomes, in which the moms show their girls how to suck properly. There is a site dedicated to messy facials, one for busty BBW girls, even some CBT takes place on one of the sites. As a member on the Petite18, you can view 8 additional sites’ content. The movies uploaded to the site are all exclusive, and they were produced for these sites only. This means that they are not recycled content from other sites, these are rather unique flicks. At the time of this review, all sites are going strong, and there are regular usually weekly updates throughout the network.

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Design and features

A nice and tempting website welcomes you when you open the home page of the Petite18. Under the banner you will see menu, which isn’t functioning every options takes you to the join page. The rest of the page lists the site’s videos in three rows of thumbnails and gifs. This is everything the tour offers. In the members’ zone, you will find the site’s menu on the top. Three important sections are located there: the updates’ list, the models’ index and the included sites’ page. Also as an extra feature you can get your own show in the form of live cams. The search engine is simple, but with the rich descriptions it can be useful to lead you to content you would like. The videos of the site are all available for online watching and saving. The in-browser option is recommended for those who are just occasional porn watchers, since the player may be quick and the stream is strong, the quality is rather average. The downloadable MP4 files however offer higher resolutions, and many of them grant you sharp 720p definition. Along with each video came photo galleries. These are clear pictures and they mostly feature the action. Zip files are available, though you can browse them in the browser using the navigation buttons.

Girls and videos

These hot girls are over the age mentioned in the name of the site, but they haven’t grown an inch, so they are still cute and short. In the videos of this hardcore site you can enjoy as girls under 5’ (~150 cm) height are impaled by large cocks. The girls of the site are professionals, and though the videos are not too new, the chicks can be found in scenes around the web, so in case you fall for one of them, take a look at her portfolio. Now, these girls were indeed under 20 when they shot these videos, so they certainly fit into the age-category the site claims to offer. Nowadays, they are usually 22-23 years old, so do the math yourself. Latina, Ebony and Asian girls also make an appearance, so it’s quite a good compilation of tasty misses with tight and hot pussies. When you start exploring the site, you will certainly see that they are not just short but most of them is natural, so you won’t get to find here the all-fake reality-porn starlets of the big networks. Those who like this age-range, and also enjoy when girl is so cute that she can be picked up with one hand will certainly enjoy browsing through the models’ database of the site. Now, let us take a look at these hot scenes. In most cases, they are scripted, and rest assured, these are all studio-made, so the girls knew what they are getting into though it’s not really sure that they expected such a big bad cock. Nevertheless, when they get to it, they handled the situation pretty well, and though they scream out loud, they enjoy that. These guys are not sparing the girls, and the site features rough scenes. First, these cocks are huge it wasn’t enough for the perverts who shot these movies that girls are short, no, they dug up monstercocks, so the girls had to take in cocks that were bigger than their arms. However, this makes these videos quite astonishing, and shows that the vagina has some really flexible muscles in it. It seems that the makers of these videos thought that pussy-fucking is enough for the girls, so you won’t find here anal penetration… that would be a bit too much anyway. But the videos are still exciting, and they are heavy in their base nature, so you will surely find them fun to watch.


When it comes to hardcore porn, large cocks are usually appreciated. However, if the girls are short it just gets heavier and as you might expect, some really rough stuff happens now and then. The girls in these videos are taking in all, and they seem to like it pretty much. The Petite18’s collection is pretty large, the quality is simply gorgeous, and the regular updates will keep you busy. You should note however that there is a whole network waiting for you in the members’ zone, which offers more videos with varied and exciting sex, mostly shot in HD to tease your eyes.

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