PervTherapy  reviewPervTherapy review

PervTherapy review

Site Overview

Best HD reality porn site, PervTherapy will surely make you forget all of your personal issues and troubles! Let the voyeur therapists in this Team Skeet production entertain you with their kinky methods of treating their patients. The videos feature sexy and popular porn stars like Mackenzie Mace, Nicole Aria, Jasmine Wilde, Pristine Edge, Kenzie Reeves, and April Olsen.

Notably, there aren’t many porn sites in the biz that tackle the same kinky theme as PervTherapy. Perhaps, you might think of the site’s sister porn sites like PervMom and PervDoctor if you’re a fan of the Team Skeet network. However, when you watch the full HD therapy sessions, you will quickly see that each presentation has a unique element that can satisfy varying xxx cravings.

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Design and features

Within a few seconds of landing on the official website of PervTherapy, trust that you will have a boner. The video thumbnails feature some of the industry’s hottest and horniest porn models and it would really be impossible not to get interested. They might be wearing respectable and wholesome outfits in the teasers, however, you know better what these porn hotties have under their sleeves.

Aside from the grand display on the homepage that intends to make your browsing hassle-free, the creators have also thrown in a bunch of reliable and user-friendly sorting tools. If you’re in a rush or you don’t want to browse the scenes randomly, you can use the basic search feature. If you want to personalize what you want to appear on your screen, you can either use the names of the models or the relevant tags. You have the option to mark and save your favorites. You can also make yourself an interactive community member by participating in rating the scenes or by posting your honest comments and reviews.

Girls and videos

PervTherapy perfectly captures in full HD videos the things that happen when sex-starved therapists meet gorgeous clients who are too baffled to think straight. They listen and give their opinions about the subject matter, yes, but in the back of their minds, there’s only one way to cure the patients and that is to give them mind-boggling sex.

Currently, the size of the collection isn’t that impressive because it is a new site. However, the talented models as well as the genius scriptwriters and production team totally make your membership worth it. All of the models have already made a name for themselves in the xxx biz and you would surely appreciate the skills that they bring to the table.


Team Skeet has already amazed millions of porn viewers with the launch of PervMom and PervDoctor. But just when you think the network couldn’t surprise you anymore, here comes PervTherapy, a community of horny and sly therapists who think of nothing but taking advantage of their clients’ weaknesses. They love to promote that sex is the best cure for everything and they intend to prove it even if it means disgracing their respective professions.

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