ParadiseGfs reviewParadiseGfs review

ParadiseGfs review

Site Overview

Awesome HD hardcore porn site, ParadiseGFs is a refreshing online destination that brings two gorgeous things together –insanely hot women who are open to kinky hook-ups and breathtaking pristine beaches! This collection can be best described as the sex journal of a lone guy who loves to go on top vacation spots in Thailand to look for willing tourists who understand his sexual fetishes.

He picks up sexy girls and talks them out about having a quick fuck. Since the experience might not happen again, or perhaps he’s thinking he might soon run out of luck, the guy ensures to take souvenirs –thanks to his high-quality cameras that allow you to enjoy his exciting escapades from your POV!

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Design and features

ParadiseGFs’ exciting videos are presented on a beautifully designed porn site. It might appear as a porn channel with a simple layout to trained eyes but the setup is definitely enough if you’re just looking to relieve some of your stress by watching porn videos. The members’ area looks like a travel blog site with all those relaxing colors and neat content displays.

Though it’s easy to see that this one is not a sizable collection at the moment, there’s something about the overall presentation that would convince you to stay and discover why thousands of porn viewers are flocking to this site every day. Perhaps, it’s the beaches and the jungles or the beautiful ladies with a carefree attitude and contagious smiles. Or, it could be the guy who fearlessly follows his heart’s desire, or perhaps, it could be the combination of these things.

Girls and videos

The videos of ParadiseGFs, even if there’s only a handful, are properly arranged under their respective categories. You can click on the tags listed under each scene. Aside from the tempting video caps and pictures, your mind would surely wonder about the well-written descriptions.

The words would surely take your imagination to the beautiful beaches in Thailand and you will feel a sense of relaxation, almost as if you are being caressed softly by the stunning models. You might agree or not, but today, with thousands of options out there, it is rare to find porn videos that can leave a lasting impact on viewers, the kind of orgasm that satisfies not only the body but as well as the soul.


ParadiseGFs offers the personal xxx masterpieces of a single guy who loves to travel. Nothing is said about his filming credentials but it is easy to see that he’s doing a pretty good job. The scenes feature his trips to Thailand and the most unforgettable experiences he had with lovely girls.

You’ll find them talking dirty, partying at the beach and stripping naked, exploring the pristine beaches, and enjoying the jungles, all with hardcore fucking scenarios in between. And perhaps, hoping to give the ladies a proper fucking experience, the guy also filmed them getting all raunchy in nice villas.

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