NerdPervert reviewNerdPervert review

NerdPervert review

Site Overview

When it does come to the unique NerdPervert porn site, it is plausible that it is a breath of fresh air, meaning that you will get a break from the usual porn to one that is totally different in the way sex is approached. Ever since the site was started in December 2012, we were all introduced to the naughty nerd named Paul, who more often than not masqueraded as a porn video director promising pretty girls fame and ending up having some steamy sex.

You will get a to have a taste to just kick back and enjoy some amazing sexual escapades by this nerd in a number of videos that will most definitely not disappoint you at all. Here are some of the things that you need to know about the very engaging NerdPervert porn site.

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Design and features

The general quality of the videos found in NerdPervert porn site has a quality to them. And that said, you will be in a position to enjoy them even after you stream or download them for later. The fact that they are presented in Flash format that allows to stream them flawlessly is a good thing since it helps maintain that high quality. The same is achieved when you are downloading them since they are presented in MP4 format. And because there are plenty of photos in the NerdPervert porn site, it is a fact that you would want to download plenty of these steamy photos all at once. And for that to happen, you will be required to get them in Zip-Files format. And that said, you will be in a position to download many photos all at once which is an added advantage as it not only makes downloading easy but it will also get to save you a lot of time.

The interface and the thumbnails also go a long way in making sure that you have an amazing browsing experience which is also another reason why the members prefer this site to others. You will also get some bonus features such as bonus videos, personals, photos and also a link that leads you to 29 other sites which mean more material and more sexual excitement just for you!!!

Girls and videos

It is a fact that you will get the chance to see this naughty nerd named Paul getting into the panties of presumably hot girls who might seem out of his league. And the fact that the very interesting NerdPervert sticks to a single storyline and not getting to bore you is also another reason as to why you ought to check it out. There is a wide variety of girls who are getting convinced and fucked by Paul the nerd. These girls are very beautiful and will most definitely get you all horny just by getting to see them confused and falling for the nerd. And the good part is that it’s just the beginning.

Afterwards, there is the fucking and touching and moaning and you will most definitely get to enjoy just sitting there and seeing how amazing everything is going to work out in the end. Some of these gorgeous girls might seem a little timid in the beginning but in the end, they always end up doing things that no one ever imagined seeing them do. And that said, it only adds to the excitement that will make the whole thing just too darn amazing to see. These girls will end up sucking his cock and swallowing the sticky pre-cum tastefully while maintaining eye contact with Paul the nerd. If these videos don’t just get you horny and ready to masturbate or fuck, then you aren’t normal sexually. Before Paul gets to fuck them, there is a little bit of foreplay where you will get that golden chance of getting to see all of this action going down, which is, such a good way to prepare you for the action that immediately follows. He fucks them in different positions and each of these pretty girls keeps on reacting in different ways.

There those who will moan while sucking his huge, menacing cock while there are those who will get to enjoy the sex silently right before erupting with emotions as soon as they get penetrated. It was just too darn amazing in my experience. And as stated above, there is a wide variety of these girls and you will get a chance to enjoy your experience altogether which is the whole point of getting to enjoy the whole thing. There are plenty of videos, about 180 scenes in the NerdPervert porn site. And that said, you will have an opportunity to just kick back and select the ones that you love. And as if that’s not all, you will get an opportunity to also enjoy the photos which will most definitely leave you wanting some more which is an amazing.

In total, there are about 62 galleries of Paul getting to fuck these horny and gorgeous women mercilessly and in the end, you will have a chance to just kick back and download them without having to worry about the limit. In each gallery, you will get approximately 30 pictures. In short, if you are looking to enjoy yourself while seeing a nerd to the impossible, then this is the site that you ought to check out!!!


The fact that the theme of the videos featured by NerdPervert porn site has taken a totally different approach has made this site somewhat interesting to look out for. And for that matter, all that you will be required to do is just picking out any video and you will get to watch Paul seduce pretty girls and ending up fucking them, all for your entertainment which is something amazing in itself.

The videos have a quality to them and also you won’t get to run out of photos since the galleries have all sorts of photos of Paul getting to screw these girls. My experience was very amazing and it goes without saying that this is a site that I would recommend to anyone. Make a point of checking it out soon!!!

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