MadeInCanada reviewMadeInCanada review

MadeInCanada review

Site Overview

Canada porn stars are usually hotter than any other girls that you have been able to enjoy in the adult entertainment platform. They are calm in their softcore splendor but then go wild as soon as the hardcore begins. You will be delighted at how much these women are willing to entertain you through their sexual chronicles. There is no doubt that MadeInCanada offers a whole other side of porn entertainment. The content on the site is 100% exclusive. This means that you will not be able to catch these flicks on other porn site. You can rely on the level of entertainment here, especially because the site wants to brand itself uniquely. MadeInCanada comes with all the goodies. There are live cams whereby the site’s members can be able to interact with a majority of the models. These sessions will induct you into the Canadian erotic world. You will happily discover that porn has many phases and MadeInCanada wants to prove that enjoyment can come in good doses. The live feeds will keep you up to date, especially if you want to stay posted on information about the porn stars and what has been recently uploaded about them on the site. Once membership is acquired you will have the potential to enjoy many more movies. As MadeInCanada offers 21 bonus sites, you will not be disappointed in regards to entertainment. As a high resolution flick, you will be able to catch all the action clearly without any excuses. The movies are epic and allow for MP4 format download and flash streaming. The site also comprises of a gallery with many high resolution images. If you need some digital sexual motivation, this is where to find the right pictures to support your kink. MadeInCanada has taken over the industry with its provision of upper echelon material. The content ranges from different categories that are inclusive of anal masturbation, toy play and blowjobs just to name a few. The good collection of movies scenes has put MadeInCanada at the top, across all entertainment portals. The movies are uploaded multiple times. Therefore, it is perfectly sensible to build anticipation every time you log into the site as you will never know what you will run to.

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Design and features

The site’s tour page looks great but simplicity is not always a good thing. There are a lot of lacking elements on the site’s landing page and this makes MadeInCanada pretty plain and boring as soon as you walk in. Anyway, we came for the action thus if you can overlook the lack of additional element then the user interface will be great for you. As you log in, you will be able to see twitter updates that mainly features information about what the porn stars are up to and the number of movies that have already been uploaded. You will find it very easy to stay up to date. The site has links to the bonus sites and you can always enjoy some highly appreciated content here. The movie trailers contain a befitting title that generally describes what is going on using a few simple words. However, there are thumbnails and links that will lead you to the full version of the movies. You can also see the gallery images that are tagged together with the movies. The shots are crispy clear and do not cause for any blurry viewing moments. The movie teasers are appealing and will take you on a full horny ride with a simple click. The site is pretty clean and all the navigational tools are quite easy to use. The drop down menu makes navigation really easy each time you want to look for a particular movie. The titles may deviate from the site’s theme but this is how MadeInCanada chooses to spice things up. There is a sub-division on the landing page that features all the top models. This is especially convenient for first time users who still want to get used to the site.

Girls and videos

The scenes that are found on the site contain some of the hottest Canadian porn stars in the business. If you are on avid porn lover, there is a good chance that you have seen and heard of many of these porn stars. Their works across other platforms real evidence that they do not take entertainment you for granted. I’m quite sure that the best porn action revolves around faces that make a statement. MadeInCanada is not lacking in this. As Canadian women are known for dark, long hair, some of the models on this platform embody such. A good number of beautiful faces maintain their natural beauty as the rest have enhanced their appearance. The site mentions their names height, measurements, and nationality, birth date and even personal information such as tattoos and piercings that are found on their bodies. The roster comprises of Angela, Ariana, Demi and Jasmine just to mention but a few. These names are affiliated with top-notch skill and perfection. Listed as the site’s best porn stars, you will be able to see them conquering very many scenes. They use their best bodily assets to ensure that they thrill and entertain you. They are your only one way ticket to erotica-ville. Clad in some of the most daring costumes, they are out to fill you with pleasure that will remain embedded in your professionals in the best way. I can tell you that I am truly enjoying everything that they do.


MadeInCanada does not make any mistakes in providing the combination of the most unique porn stars who are happy to go the extra mile in order to pleasure and please you. Relishing in their beauty is the best thing that you can do. The movies are superb, especially if you love masturbation scenes. The site is not afraid to show you what real Canadians are made of. By the time you are done with this collection, you will be singing in tunes that you do not even understand.

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