LukeHardyXXX reviewLukeHardyXXX review

LukeHardyXXX review

Site Overview

LukeHardyXXX is a top hardcore porn site featuring a horny UK stud, Luke Hardy and offering his sexcapades, fucking the sexiest British sluts with gay abandon. With military themed sexual acts offered to you in a platter, LukeHardyXXX will surely keep you grounded to your feet, glued to your chair and jerking-off to glory. With Luke in-charge of the site, his commando style outlook is truly awesome and will give you wet nights you’ve been seeking all this while. Continue reading this review to know more about LukeHardyXXX.

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Design and features

LukeHardyXXX offers a solid commando and military style porn site primarily because Luke himself was associated with the UK military for a long time. Thus, the design of the site speaks volumes about the creator. Even the sluts Luke fucks in all his videos are seen in commando style outfits, and are considered patriots. These women in uniform will make you go crazy as they strip their uniforms to be fucked by UK’s hottest hunk. A hot but short video is available at the top of the site which shows a sexy bitch getting fucked insanely by Luke. Above the trailer are links to important pages of the site, while the key contents are seen below the trailer.

There are various sections, one each for the latest models, a list of trailers and the hottest UK pornstar. The videos page takes you to the sizzling hot videos that LukeHardyXXX presents. The videos are arranged as a grid with the thumbnails forming the tiles of the grid. The name of the chicks featured in the scene is mentioned on the thumbnail. There about 40 videos at your disposal on LukeHardyXXX and this is only expected to grow as more videos are added to the site. In terms of affordability, LukeHardyXXX is light on your pocket and offers a monthly, quarterly and a half-yearly plan, with the half-yearly plan coming at a discount.

Girls and videos

LukeHardyXXX features the hottest stud and hunk of the UK, Luke Hardy, and offers his sexcapades as he fucks some of the kinkiest and sluttiest bitches in the UK. The sluts are awesomely sexy and are ever-ready to have their pussies pounded and asses invaded in the most insane ways. When the bitches are in a uniform, you will rip off these clothes and get them naked, before jumping on the bed to fuck her hard.

The bitches are insanely sexy and horny, and include some of the topmost UK pornstars you’ve heard of or seen. Amber Dean, Lara Louise, Kitty Creamer, Emma Louise, Mila Milan, Lulu Pretel, Sophie Garccia and Adreena Winters, among others. The bitches are popularly known by the term Command Ho on LukeHardyXXX, and they are fucked in twosomes and threesomes, in various positions. Enjoy cunnilingus, blowjobs, rim jobs, pussy fuck, anal sex and cum facials till your dick is satisfied.


LukeHardyXXX is an impressive hardcore porn site featuring the sexcapades of ex-Army commando, Luke Hardy. The bitches featured on this awesome porn site are collectively known as Command Hos and love to be fucked by Luke Hardy. Enjoy MILFs, amateurs and matures getting pounded by the horniest stud of the UK at a very reasonable subscription fee, with bonus sites like SexyMomma, 3AM, LatexPussyCats and EdPowers at your disposal.

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