JessicaJaymesXxx reviewJessicaJaymesXxx review

JessicaJaymesXxx review

Site Overview

JessicaJaymesXXX is one of the finest hardcore porn websites to watch out there and it stars none other than the first ever Spizoo contract girl, Jessica Jaymes. You might have seen her in a couple of other sites beside this one but that is because this seasoned porn actress hosts her own show, and has been around longer than you have ever imagined. She has been constantly winning awards and her nominations are not something to be taken lightly, as well. She has come a long way ever since her loud debut on Hustler and ever since then, the world has been her oyster.

Well, that fact alone is not surprising as Jessica herself is a bundle of hotness and naughtiness combined; her beautiful face and equally beautiful body also does wonders to the mere human eye. Now that she is blessed with her own porn site, expect to see more of her in the days to come. JessicaJaymesXXX was launched in January 2009 and has been nominated countless times and has even won plenty of awards. The content here is mostly hardcore, starring Jessica herself and some of her friends. The site has primary niches involving individual models, porn stars, and hardcore sex. This wonderful porn site belongs to the Spizoo network.

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Design and features

The site has a rather bubbly design but it fits well with the lively theme they are trying to get across to the audience. Despite the energetic feel they are trying to get across with their design though, the site remains very easy to access and manage. The navigation in here is easy peasy and just practically a walk in the park. The site interface is user friendly and convenient, even beneficial at all times. For the site arrangement and order, it is so well kept that even I find that surprising. Things can be easily located here, like the links you will essentially need when making your way through here. Speaking of which, the links are found on the top menu bar and another set of links can also be found on the sidebar.

Aside from the already rich influx of videos the site has, it also is blessed with almost 400 photo sets and counting. Each set consists of 120 to 150 photos inside and all are in delicious hi-res. You can download the set as zip files or save them individually, anyway. You can check out their model index for list and information about Jessica and her friends. You may also comment on and rate the videos as much as you want. Browsing can be done easily here with the use of sorting options, the pagination link, the advanced search bar, and the categories bar and page. With your JessicaJaymesXXX membership, you will have full access to other bonus sites for free. These sites are from the same network and they have quite the number for you.

Girls and videos

This porn site features the hot vixen Jessica Jaymes along with her equally hot sexy porn star friends that she invites as guests from time to time. Although you will find the occasional solo play with Jessica playing with herself using various sex toys and stripping down, you will mostly find hardcore sex scenes around here with her guests in tow. Jessica likes to engage in both lesbian sex and straight sex, so you will have plenty of options to choose from. The content of the site is vast and there is so much to look forward to. There are threesomes, masturbation scenes, lesbian sex, straight sex, webcam sex videos, behind the scenes, and so much more; you will never run out of good stuff here. The guests you will also see here are not your run of the mill sort of porn stars as all of her friends are professionals who have a name for themselves in the industry.

With over 600 videos and counting, and quite the amount of bonus archives, JessicaJaymesXXX is at the top of their game. That and because they practically showcase their videos in glorious high definition most of the time. You can watch the scenes by streaming them in your browser; just make sure you have the recently updated embedded Flash player. You can also opt to save the videos in your devices via downloading. You can choose between mp4 or wmv format when saving your files. You can choose between the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution when saving or the slightly lower 1280 x 720, the latter being available for the older videos. You will not be able to find any of the videos anywhere else, it being exclusive and all.


JessicaJaymesXXX is something that I would recommend right off the bat because of the wonderful content it has. Aside from Jessica Jaymes herself, her gorgeous face and her hot body, everything else in here has been something that I would consider really good. The quality of her videos is definitely top notch and the content count is undeniably satisfying in so many levels. How her scenes are delivered are remarkable and there is just so much goodness in this site that it pretty much is hard to deny.

The sex is hardcore and even everything in between is what I would consider still beautifully concocted. Of course, the site in an overall sense is beyond satisfactory and you could see that right away even if you just stepped inside. All in all, the site is definitely something you should check out right away because that is where you will find many of the porn industry’s best hardcore sex videos in an individual porn site.

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