JapanLust reviewJapanLust review

JapanLust review

Site Overview

Best HD Asian porn site, JapanLust is home to the most provocative Japanese women you’ll ever see in your lifetime! Known to be demure and reserved, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to see them sucking and riding dicks on camera like it’s the most natural thing to do in this world!

No censorship, no downloads, and streaming limits –only pure Asian hardcore entertainment! Surely, you’d find these ladies with perky tits and hairy pussies the perfect companion whenever you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life. Aside from the exclusive scenes, you will also get access to other porn sites with diverse hardcore offerings for free!

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Design and features

JapanLust’s official website is neat and light to look at. The white background is a perfect complement to the busy welcome page that shows the beautiful and sexy Japanese models in various scenarios. If you’ve been watching Japanese porn in the past, perhaps you might feel amazed at how hot they look when they are kissing and licking dicks without censorship.

On the landing page, you can get a slice of everything. You have the latest scenes, complete with teasers and streaming options. You will also find the models’ names along with other details that can help you sort out the scenes. Below this welcome section, you’ll also see pictures of the featured Japanese models. There is also a section for quick and easy registration.

If you are a techy user, you might think that there are still many things to improve. However, what JapanLust offers right now in terms of content and browsing is already premium and user-friendly. Give this site a few months and surely, you’d find no flaws in content presentation and other technicalities. Plus, you have nothing negative to say about the quality of the scenes. They are on point, the models are good-looking and talented and the locations and filming style are professional and excellent. You can also check the website on your mobile device and expect the same ease in browsing and accessing the xxx content.

Girls and videos

Provocative, horny, sex-starved –these adjectives are rarely being used to describe Japanese porn models in the past. Perhaps, the main reason is that the xxx scenes are not all out because porn producers need to follow certain Japanese standards. However, it seems that JapanLust has totally ditched this tradition.

In the full HD videos, you’ll clearly see the nakedness of the models. You’ll get to enjoy their perky tits and the triangular bushes of black hair between their legs. There’s just something so satisfying seeing these ladies masturbate hairy pussies and suck dicks of Asian sizes. The close-up and faraway shots are both exciting to see and you’d find it hard to choose what you like better.


If you have always craved to see naked Japanese models in naughty xxx scenes, now is your best chance to unleash that desire. JapanLust is certainly one of the most provocative and liberated Asian porn sites ever launched for the adult entertainment industry. The collection is quite new but it has already amassed more than 600 exclusive scenes and it gives members additional 1500+ videos to enjoy for free!

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