Insane3D reviewInsane3D review

Insane3D review

Site Overview

I don’t know about you but there is something horny and special about 3D games. I find them very attractive especially when it comes to DOA chicks like Kasumi and Ayame, or the gals from the Street Fighter such as Chun Li and Cammy White. Imagine these insanely beautiful hot 3D chicks in their most hardcore sophisticated fuck scenes. This is the Insane3D porn site. Why they put the word insane on their brand? It’s pretty simple, it is because the 3D girls will be fucked by monsters with huge limbs. Sounds insanely enough eh? Let’s begin our tour.

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Design and features

Once I enter the site, they offer an intro showing some of the most familiar and renowned faces like Scarlett Johansson in her Black Widow character in the Marvel franchise, Megan Fox, Medusa, a Harpy horny lady and Keira Knightly in her Pirates of the Caribbean. As for the monsters’ list, here are the Incredible Hulk, The Sentinel, Predator, the Sasquatch, Avatar, and Alien. The site brings you erotic 3D animation ranging from Comics, Fantasy, Celebrities, Horror, Mythology, Movies, Mutants, and Games. There is also a list of shemales 3D by the way. Each video has a very nicely written storyline and synopsis. The beginning of the movies will prepare your mindset that there will be hardcore scenes that will make your body fluids and libido stimulated.

The animators really bring out the scenes in a very insanely out of the box when it comes to the creatures, storylines, and the climax. See the Incredible Hulk having sex with the Black Widow or the Big Bad Black Wolf making love with a Shemale monster. I can say that the site is very particular with their niche bringing their audiences the love making scenes between a hot chick and a monster. There are storylines which are really entertaining. It’s like transporting you another dimension where everything is possible. There are hardcore ass penetrations that are insane enough to make your dick hard as a rock.

There is a particular scene where the monster can control his long testicles that will be coiled around to the body of the 3D chick from the boobs, ass and finally penetrates in the vagina. At the moment, there are over than a hundred 3D fuck sets with approximately 10 minutes each. You can watch them directly from the site or you can transfer them to your computer. The videos are available in multiple formats such as MP4, Flash and there is no DRM restriction. As for the pictures, I can say that they’ve done a good job presenting them in the very smart manner. Both the videos and images were not perfected in full details like the movements of the boobs, the jiggling part of asses (when the girl does the cowboy) and some scenes do not include shadows.

What would you expect the films are in 3D? But as for the action, they are stimulating that keeps my dick hard and my imagination goes wild as ever. Becoming a member grants you accessing the site together with the videos and photos. There are no perks or some kind of bonuses to entice the audience. However, the rate is reasonable enough to join the site especially for the guys who want to relive their fantasies and adventure in the 3D world. The video teaser is available for all which will give you the idea of the things to expect once you go inside to such a perfect fantasy world. It may take some time though especially if your internet connection is slow.

Girls and videos

As I have mentioned, there are lots of familiar faces in 3D. Some are famous celebrities, comic characters, an adaptation of movie blockbuster hits, and monsters. I really like the way they design Scarlett Johannsson in her role as the Black Widow. The figure of the body is great, the nipples look yummy and the boobs are pretty damn awesome. As for the pussy, it looks good. Here comes Angelina Jolie in her Tomb Raider character. In here, she will be fucked by a monster with red eyes, sharp teeth, and elven ears with purple skin. I hope Brad Pitt won’t mind.

There are also threesome fuck scenes like the two hotties doing the cowgirl position with a Baphomet looking horny goat that has two dicks. See the Incredible hulk in action as he pounds Black Widow’s ass badly. I knew it, his dick and balls are green. There’s an orc fucking a beautiful elf. Also, I see two horny beasts fucking another beautiful blonde mythical creature. If you’ve seen the movie Avatar, then you can relate to this one. Humans landed on Pandora but the blue locals with tails are curious enough if the humans fuck the same as they do. So, the beautiful humanoid decided to check out a man who is passing through.

Eventually, she strips off the man and observes the body. She shows off her blue pussy and let the guy kiss it. The guy will leave the planet with an awesome fuck experience. There is a particular video that I would like to mention. This might sound crazy but still, it is too damn horny. Sinners go to hell according to many religious groups. But, this chick went to hell down to a very unusual doomed place where there are lots of horny demons inside. The demon will check her body and will place her inside the cage. Then here comes a succubus and told to the demon to unlock the cage. As soon as the beautiful lady got out, the demon fucks her off while the succubus whips her body. The demon looks so ugly and scary. She’s in hell indeed.


The site is not your usual mill porn site that you typically watch every night when you feel lonely. It is a mixed of animals, mythical creatures, mutants and beautiful ladies getting naughty. Relive your fuck fantasies bursting into the sexual scenes.

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