How2Fuck reviewHow2Fuck review

How2Fuck review

Site Overview

The finest porn site offering you the finest sex lessons is How2Fuck. This amazing porn site offers the most exclusive sex-education videos that will truly make you a great sexpert. In fact, you can give any pornstar a run for his money, for you will be able to challenge him to a round of crazy sex after you learn the tricks from How2Fuck. Presented below is a review of How2Fuck, which will give you everything you need to fuck your partner to the most intense orgasm ever.

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Design and features

How2Fuck has a very simple and pleasant design, that will attract you right from the word go. While the background is dark, it does go well with the theme, and you end up focusing on the exclusive sex-lessons How2Fuck offers you. There are about a dozen thumbnails organized as a list, with a large thumbnail and two medium-sized thumbnails placed adjacent to it. The title of the video, a very brief description, duration and date of upload are also seen. You will find a couple of buttons, one for joining and the other for viewing a two-minute trailer.

The trailer opens in a new page, where you can play it streaming to your computer. The description is detailed, and you will find tags and additional information on this page. A few still images from the videos are also found below the trailer window. Joining the site is very simple and easy. Three plans with three rates are available at your disposal. Of the three plans, including monthly, quarterly and half-yearly, the quarterly plan is most popular, while half-yearly is most economical.

Girls and videos

The chicks featured in How2Fuck are among the sexiest you will find in the world, and they aren’t the kind of pornstars you see in the umpteen sites dotting the porn world. Instead, they are the bitches you see in your day-to-day lives, like the beautiful girl-next door, or the one you see in the metro, bus or tram. The sluts also want to enjoy the most pleasurable sexual moments of their lives, and when the studs on How2Fuck play with their bodies, they lose control and give into the pleasures. This makes the videos the most genuine ones you will ever see.

There are many videos that teach you how to stimulate a chick or fuck her in the most pleasurable way. Two such videos that we loved were 50 Techniques to Eat a Pussy and 45 Techniques to Fuck like a Pornstar. These two videos are a must have in a stud’s porn collection, for there are many ways in which you can fuck the slut, or bring her to the most intense orgasm without using a dick. That’s the kind of pleasure you will enjoy on How2Fuck.


We are truly impressed with what we saw on How2Fuck, and even learnt a few tricks about having sex with our partners. In fact, we are planning to try this out in the next few days too, and see whether these techniques will bring about the required fruits of labour. However, we are sure that you will want to subscribe to this site because of the various benefits it offers you, as outlined above. How2Fuck is also affordable, adding a sense of lightness to your wallet and mind. So, what are you waiting for? Join today!

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