HotRubberBabes reviewHotRubberBabes review

HotRubberBabes review

Site Overview

When it comes to sex and giving sexual pleasure, the sky’s the limit. People get so creative just to fulfill the sexual tension arousing in every nerve of their body. One of the new and fun ways to divulge into these activities are latex sex. This might look crazy as it sounds, latex sex gives a whole new level of sex to those who patronize it. In porn films, latex sex is not as popular as the typical sexual activities because first of all, it takes too much effort to let the models get dressed in latex costumes in every videos. This is why there’s not much latex sex porn videos that we can easily see around the corner. However, if you are curious of this kind of fetish, there’s a porn site dedicated not only for hardcore banging but for latex sex as well.

Not only that but some of these girls are also covered in latex masks. Although this site can easily be reached in just a few clicks, its contents are not for free. You must first become a member of the site to get exclusive access to its content. This way you’ll be able to fully appreciate what this site is all about. It has been in service of these kind of porn videos since 2007 and has been part of the best latex sites as reviewed by Latex Porn Gallery.

The site primarily belongs to the latex sex niche and can also be categorized as Fetish, Lesbian and Solo model porn. Moreover, the site also guarantees its members an access to some other bonus sites that are part of the ExtremeMoviePass network. Unfortunately, there are no live cam features of these girls in a latex suit.

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Design and features

The site design is pretty simple in general. It has simple features that points you to different parts of the website. Honestly, there’s nothing special in the design and feature of the site aside from the fact that it really shows the identity of the site. The site design is just like some other sites. It has a header that displays what you can expect from the site, a navigation menu and the contents where you can see videos and a brief description of what will happen in it. The videos are not really in high definition because it is only 640×480. But then, these videos are surprisingly good, knowing that these kinds of resolution are not that great on a normal basis.

The videos can be downloaded in MP4 format or you can stream it through the in browser player in 1750 kbps. Before you can view the videos, you will be able to get an insight of what you are about to see if you’re patient enough to read. Moving on, the sizes of these videos are usually 50MB once downloaded since it is only approximately 5-10 minutes long. For the count of the videos, there are already more than 200 videos that you can choose from the site’s gallery. The photos are also quite impressive. It has a 1024×680 resolution and are usually as large as 200MB. The photos are somehow taken by an amaetur photographer. There is also minimal use of airbrushing in the pictures. These pictures can be downloaded individually since the site cannot cater downloading pictures in Zip formats.

Good thing that the site does allow unlimited downloads because if not, a lot of fans will surely get disappointed because of this individual downloading of pictures. Part of the sites feature is its commitment to upload new contents on a weekly basis. But since videos are not that easy to produce, you can only expect that photos are more likely to be uploaded often while videos are uploaded once a month. When it comes to the bonus features of the site, there are over 60 sites listed which are part of the bonus sites that the member’s could also pay a visit for free! So if you couldn’t get enough of the action in the HotRubberBabes site, you have a few more sites to continue the pleasure. Good thing about these sites is that they are not in the same fetish as HotRubberBabes so you’ll really have a wide variety of porn films to choose from which of course will depend on your mood.

Girls and videos

These girls are definitely as flexible as their rubber costumes. There are some girls wearing a dark colored latex suit while there are also some who wears transparent rubber suits which exposes their already aroused nipples and their shaved pussies. Although some girls love to conceal their identity, there are some girls who also expose theirs. From this, you can conclude that majority of the girls in this site are white.

In its videos you can expect that lesbians are more active when it comes to doing the dirtiest deeds. In other words, there is more lesbian sex in the videos rather than girl to boy intercourse. There is also group sex as much as solo videos of girls teasing themselves. From the videos, you can also see that most of the models are amateur. Some of the videos do not contain background music.


It seems like there’ll be more potential in HotRubberBabes if they improve their site a bit more. While surfing through their site, you can observe that they don’t have a tool to make their searches faster. This somehow affects the user experience. Apart from that, I think the site is doing a great job in producing these kinds of videos.

This fetish is not that popular but it does not mean that it does not exist. Whether you are discovering new ways to spice up your sexual desires or you’re really into these things, the HotRubberBabes porn website is worth every bucks.

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