HiddenZone reviewHiddenZone review

HiddenZone review

Site Overview

Top voyeur xxx site, Hidden-Zone is the place wherein you can peek into public shower rooms and dressing rooms without the risk of getting caught. If seeing sweethearts of all kinds undressing and cleaning their private parts turn you on more than any other, then rest assured that you can be entertained without leaving the comfort of your own home, thanks to the spy-cams and hidden cameras that are tactically put in perfect places to capture the hottest and most genuine voyeur moments!

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Design and features

Flaunting more than 8,000 voyeur videos, one can’t help but check if what the site claims is true. Just like what happened to me, I got curious and went to find out if this community is overrating with its description or not. Once I landed on the homepage, I saw with my own eyes the amount of content that can be enjoyed by every voyeur fan out there. The most recent videos will first meet your eyes and you can only smile once you’ve seen the number of pages that you check out.

When it comes to the quantity, there is no doubt that Hidden-Zone can beat its competitors. But within a few moments that I was inside this collection, I have found out that the quality of the voyeur flicks is great, too. It seems that our voyeur guys here are masters when it comes to hiding the spy-cams and other high-quality cameras. There are shots from different angles and the scenes are too real to even ask for more. Aside from 1080 HD voyeur flicks that can be streamed and downloaded, you can also find 3D videos within the collection. If you’re in the mood to browse other collection, it’s good to know that you can also access the sister sites, Upskirt Times or Hidden Showers without limits.

Girls and videos

Hidden-Zone is one of the largest sources of fetish-filled videos that are captured by hidden cameras and spy cams. There are plenty of categories that you can enjoy. You can choose from the beach, cabin, upskirt, water closet (WC), locker, shower, spy cam, nudism and 3D and partner’s videos. Suit yourself as the sexy amateur models are stripping, posing and flashing their naked bodies.

But that’s under the softcore section only. If you’re in the mood for hardcore voyeur moments, then the couples caught having quickies in the shower would definitely make your day. The thrill and satisfaction of being able to peep into other people’s private moments is definitely a feeling that Hidden-Zone aims to give to everyone else.


Launched way back in 2003, Hidden-Zone has been pleasing fans for over a decade. Since then, the updates are regular and members can expect a new flick daily! As a guest, you can check out the preview contents in order to know the quality of the porn materials here. Whether you want to see naked chicks in a gym’s shower room or you are curious on how a chick pees and washes inside a department store’s comfort room, the site’s huge archive will get you going until you are too entertained to speak.

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