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Hard Glam

Hard Glam has all of the glam that only the UK could provide.

Hard Glam is a rather new porn network that offers to members access to thousands of videos that come from the UK. The sexy ladies are glamorous and have much more to show users than just pictures. The porn network has several different sites that offer unique content that can not be found anywhere else on the web. Some of the nice topics that can be seen on this nice porn network are women that smoke, women in nylon clothes, ladies that stroke their own bodies and much more. There are every different topics that are bound to impress those who want to have new content within their reach! If you want a nice and new porn network to explore, one that is dedicated to UK porn, then this is the right porn place for you to be at.

Hard Glam is for those who enjoy true glam!

This UK dedicated porn site is more than happy to have new members, as it is a rather new site. Users will have access to 14 porn sites that have exclusive content that can not be found anywhere else on the web. The sites are rather new and they only have a little more than 1150 porn videos and over 33.000 pictures (therefore if you love pictures then this might please you quite a lot). The site says that it updates its database every single week, that way users will have new content to enjoy every few days. Users will have the opportunity to download as much as they would like to, as the site is more than nice when it comes to downloading content. If you are looking for an unique looking porn site then feel more than welcome to access this site that has a lot to offer for those who love porn videos and pictures.

Why should say yes to Hard Glam?

Hard Glam does not have a lot of videos yet (since they only have around 1150 videos at the moment), however it has everything to reach the top once it starts uploading more videos and pictures to the site. This network is nice for those who would like to have a safe membership. The site offers secure billing options that are more than good for those who would not like to get caught enjoying their porn. You will not spend a lot of money either, as the site has a pretty competitive price rate. This is indeed an interesting place for those who want quality HD content for a very nice place! Oh, by the way, make sure you do not forget that the site comes with full videos that were recorded (and not converted) in HD!

The price list.

Take a look at the prices currently charged by this porn network. There are several different membership options for those who would like to try this porn network out for the very first time.

$99.95 / 180 days

$59.99 / 90 days

$29.99 / 30 days


This porn network has everything to impress even the most exigent porn lovers. The porn networks counts with 14 sites that have thousands of pictures and videos. Although the site does not have a lot of videos yet it might become a huge success and they might end up adding several other videos. The price is not one of the cheapest, however it is still considered average price for porn networks. Although it might seem like a small network, the content portrayed is quite unique and users will not be able to find anything of the sort anywhere else on the web. It is a very interesting source of porn for those who smoke smoking girls,, pantyhose and this kind of thing. If you are looking for very nice content then make sure you take a look at this porn network that is safe, easy to browse through and very stylish.