GrannyBet reviewGrannyBet review

GrannyBet review

Site Overview

Top fetish porn site, GrannyBet is pleasure portal that will blow you off your mind with its weird, yet very delicious porn theme. Two pervert guys, Jan and Jiri, are in a quest of hunting hot, mature sweethearts who still can take cocks like a fresh darling! The mature models being shown here are really old but boy, their sexual energies are mind-boggling! Come and visit this fetish-filled site today and place your bet on who’s going to win!

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Design and features

Judging by the welcome videos and photos at the homepage, it is not hard to say that this destination is really one of a kind. The main guys here are seeking a unique kind of orgasms in the arms of beautiful darlings who are way above their years. You surely wouldn’t want to miss knowing who’s hotter and who is better when it comes to seducing our lonely grannies.

The official porn site has a nice brown color that dominates the simple background. You would see on the top that this site has plenty of advanced tools that will make your free tour even more memorable. You can check out the list of movies and the specific categories on the drop-down menu. The movies come with tempting descriptions and you can choose what to watch first using keywords. Members can stream and download the contents.

If you’re on the weirder side of porn, then Jan and Jiri’s exclusive collection would definitely take you to heaven. Who knows that these sweethearts still have a lot of sexual energies within them and that they can still blow cocks and make them cum like no other! The collection is big enough for a start and rest assured that more videos will be added in a consistent basis.

Girls and videos

GrannyBet brings you admirable matured sweethearts that have a remarkable hunger and appetite for sex. Jan and Jiri are the answers to their prayers! Having an active lover with big cock do not usually happen to people of their age and they are determined to make the most out of it. On the other hand, the two guys are in their quest of finding who’s better and who’s gonna win the large sum of money.

These two are enjoying their sex lives in the best way possible, don’t you think so? It is also amazing that even if everything here sprang out from a bet, rest assured that the videos you are going to find inside are organized and that there are photos for every scene. The collection is already huge and you can even enjoy a great playback.


Checking out the official porn site, you would suddenly understand why the name of this porn collection goes like this. Jan and Jiri, two good friends that are in the prime years of their lives want to know who is better when it comes to sex. And of course, money is at stake here. Together but most of the times separately, they go out and hunt for matured darlings who can suck their big cocks and permit them to fuck them as long and as hard they want.

The website is no longer online. Try this one: MATURE