GeekGirlSex reviewGeekGirlSex review

GeekGirlSex review

Site Overview

We all see typical nerds who don’t get any attention in real life. They are presented as smart, shy and quiet as what we normally see on TV, the movies and in real life. However, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have sex with a beautiful girl wearing glasses? Have you ever imagined a shy and quiet girl screaming your name, pounding on your dick and begging for more? Well then, GeekGirlSex is the site that you’ve been looking for. As the site comes up you’ll be greeted with Asian, Blonds and Brunettes with glasses and short shirts, as some of them are leaning on what seems to be a teacher’s table, there are those who are too playful and can’t seem to resist fingering each other and tasting each other’s pussy. At GeekGirlSex you’ll have access to about hundreds of high definition videos and thousands of hi-resolution pictures.

It has a silver high definition cinema widescreen exclusive video which adds up to the excitement of seeing nerdy girls bounce on large dicked boys and if you would like to, you can watch them have sex with each other as you sit on your couch with your hard dick out, fapping to a movie like porn video. There are those who ride the dicks of their so called buddies, licks and shamelessly finger their roommates. Those who get their pussy stretched by their co-workers or bosses as they lay on their office table or you can watch their boobs pinned on the wall as muscled men pound them from behind. There is no limit to the type of scenario that you would like a geeky yet hot girl to be at. The possibility is endless.

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Design and features

Being a member of GeekGirlSex has so many perks that will definitely satisfy your cravings and your fantasies. It has hundreds of high definition downloadable videos and thousands of high definition pictures that you can transfer on your Smartphone or your Android phone, it has exclusive videos and pictures for those who signs up as a member of GeekGirlSex. The videos come in multiple formats; it has daily fresh contents and has high definition contents. Not only that, once a member of GeekGirlSex you will have an instant access to about 65 hard-core porn sites that will suit your every imagination, from soccer MILF’s who are lonely and desires to have a good shag to trannies who’s alluring and craving for cocks, from girls who play with sex toys and focuses the camera on their pink wet clits to those who gags on big fat cocks as the boys hold their heads as they deep throat them and cum on their faces. Each video on GeekGirlSex comes with a trailer and a plot that is written for the audience to build up their excitement of what is to come. You will absolutely feel your prick throbbing as you read the summary and you won’t be able to contain yourself as you click from video to video.

Girls and videos

The girls of GeekGirlSex are geeky, nerdy and incredibly sexy. You can watch beautiful girls like Morgan and Keeani argue about who’s smarter between them and then in a split second they’ll be in a heavy make-up session with their clothes on the floor and their fingers in each others pussy. Then there is the blonde bombshell Britney and Renna, in which you’ll see playing video games until they realize that they want to play with something else instead. If you’re the type who loves Asian pussy you can watch Kara as Johnny, her boy buddy, pound her tight pussy senseless.

Or you can also check Tiffany out, a hard working brunette who wants to meet a deadline, as she is asked by Rick, the guy in her office who is in heat, to take a break. And when they say “break” they mean having sex right there and then on the office table, rocking it as the supplies fall down. They also have Ava and Leah, two charming ladies who had never tried lesbian sex before, until they decided to give each other a little back rub. And of course there is Elli, an ambitious girl who wants a job at a company and is willing to do anything just to get the position that she wants, including having sex with a secretary named Misti. Talk about horny girls who crave lesbian sex. This site also has Cheyeene and Kody, who’s past time is to suck on dildos and strap on’s and tease each others cunt with their own tongues. Those aren’t the only “geeks turned sex crazies” story that you’ll be able to watch on the site. They have about a hundred high definition videos and downloadable contents that will give you infinite satisfaction; imagine having a fresh content everyday just by signing up.


GeekGirlSex is the site that has the most unexpected turn of events. You will feel giddy and horny as you watch normal everyday scenarios turn into mind-blowing sex. Not only do they have smart and beautiful girls, they also have charming and sexy boys with big hard cocks that can instantly make the girls go down on their knees. Their high definition videos will make you feel that you are included in the scene and that you are there with them, watching as they have sex.

GeekGirlSex doesn’t only offer nerdy girls who likes to have “fun”, once signed up, you will instantly have access to 65 hardcore porn sites, each site is different from the other. The thought of being able to switch sites depending on your current desire is enticing. With GeekGiriSex, you won’t be able to see geeky girls the same way again.

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