FuckingGlasses reviewFuckingGlasses review

FuckingGlasses review

Site Overview

Are you tired of watching the same videos from different porn sites, over and over again? Don’t you just wish you’d find a unique porn site that will show you something new probably an ingenious idea that you’ve never heard of before? Or probably you are craving for more of those point-of-view or POV videos? Well, today is your lucky day my friend, because we have found what you are looking for. The porn site operates on the idea of dispatching perverts on to the street to pick up hotties, seduce or trick the girls into having sex with them, and once the chick falls for it, the hidden camera built into their glasses will capture everything down to the very last detail. Hence, the girls don’t even know that they are getting recorded! Though, when you think about it, it could be a bit of a problem for them but we don’t care because these recorded footages are freaking hot! Fucking Glasses is part of the Dirty Flix Sites Network. The porn network is also home to other brilliant porn sites like Mom’s Passions (dedicated for MILFs), She is Nerdy (where you get to watch nerdy girls getting banged), Private Casting X (where you can watch fresh chicks do some dirty stuff just to get into show business), and many more. Fucking Glasses alone already has more than five hundred videos that star more than two hundred fifty gorgeous gals. But joining the porn site will also give you full access to the entire network which contains more than fifty thousand videos and growing. If that is still not enough for you, all of these sites are still being updated every day. Just think about it, those are just endless hours of watching a hundred percent exclusive content which you’re not going to find elsewhere. If you are already thinking of signing up for membership, then allow us to give all the awesome details. There are three main membership options: one that’s good for a month, another one that’s good for three months, and finally one that lasts for the whole year. If you are still not decided, then maybe a trial membership can help you out which grants you access to the entire network for a day, by paying a minimal fee of course. According to the network, though, the most popular membership choice is the one year plan because it provides the best value for money. Once you have decided on the option that you want, then you may sign-up already. You will be pleasantly surprised that this site’s sign-up process is even shorter compared to other sites. You’ll only be asked to select the country you are from, enter your email, and that’s it!

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Design and features

The website design is really different from the usual look that we are used to seeing on other sites. The overall look of the site is really fun. The background is plain gray, but the accents are donning the bright colors of blue and pink. Welcoming you to the site is a wide banner as well, that features the “magic glasses” and the pictures of the most beautiful girls that they have encountered so far. Scrolling down, you’ll see the big thumbnails already. These thumbnails will usually show you a scene in the video either when the girl is still being seduced or she is already being fucked hard. Aside from the preview, it contains the video’s title. The titles are pretty simple like “her titties feel really nice”. Together with the title, you will also see the length of the video and the number of views that it has gotten already since it was first uploaded. Now, let us share with you some of the things that we like about the technical aspects of the site. First, downloading and streaming is a breeze with the site’s really fast servers. They have also ensured that the members will be able to watch their new porn videos anywhere since they are available in multiple formats. Finally, you can take Fucking Glasses with you wherever you are because everything is mobile optimized.

Girls and videos

Since it all just depends on whom their male models are going to meet on the streets, the girls are really varied. From brunettes to blondes, even one coming from India, you will truly get a wide selection of girls to choose from. It would just depend on your mood for the day. Are you interested in watching a big assed beauty today? Then don’t worry, we are sure you’re going to find one here. How about a girl with really long legs? Again, you will be able to find one in the site as well. If you are a bit worried that some of these girls can be ugly just because a lot of them were picked up during leisurely strolls in the park, then there is no need for you to think about it anymore. We invite you to see the selection of beauties the porn site has, and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed. Man, their perverts sure have good taste! Not to mention that they have big balls too. No, seriously. Because we have seen a lot of amazing videos on this site where the guy just casually asks a girl to have sex, and he will then fuck her right there, in public, sometimes even with people just passing by!


Overall, Fucking Glasses is one of the most creative sites that we have seen online so far. We sincerely hope porn sites of this quality continue to develop because the porn industry really needs sites like these that combine fun, beauty, and fuck.

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